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Whether you're looking to change careers or simply want to know what interview questions to prepare for, this is the place for career advice and tips.

Find A Job Shadow like it’s Groundhog day

Rivalry Lessons From Tom Brady vs. Jared Goff

Employment Law Changes To Expect In 2019

When work stress becomes home stress

VR and AR and The Future of Work

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Monster Tips: Why Mock Interviews Are No Joke 


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Emerging Healthcare-Related Jobs for 2019

Mind-blowing medical trends are awakening new employment. Healthcare field’s got insomnia; it doesn’t sleep a wink. Always on 24/7. New devices, procedures, drugs and trends keep leading to more jobs.

Define Your Own Success In 6 Spheres

Enough will never be enough unless you go after what’s meaningful to you. Know what’s messed up? Mooning over celeb Instagram pics and feeling like crap. Thinking their life’s all that. Measuring yours against empty-calorie eye candy.

Getting The Jump On Daylight Savings Time

How to use “springing forward” to your advantage. Second Sunday in March. Sleep in late, rest up cozily, and – WTF, lose an hour?! Surprise. Daylight Savings Time (DST) springs forth.

A Path To Equality On International Women’s Day

It boggles the mind that in 2019 it’s still what’s between your legs – and not your ears – that influences your corporate worth and earnings! In top corporate jobs, the gender pay gap is shameful – women get paid 64 cents for every dollar earned by male counterparts. That’s even bleaker than the average pay gap of 26% between full-time working women and men in Canada.

Why Smart And Experienced People Fail

Don’t despair if your superior brain or know-how haven’t kept you from flopping. Learn what might be tripping you up. Always having the right answer’s rough. Surrounded by mediocrity. Knowing you’re dead-on while bosses and colleagues wildly grasp at straws.

Answering Why Should We Keep You?

Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, had to justify his job constantly. Could you explain yours – and the value you add – if it meant avoiding the boot? Comes a time your boss might ask why your ass shouldn’t get canned. Like after you’ve screwed up majorly. Or the company’s cleaning house: sweeping away dead wood, decluttering redundancies. Speaking of Houses, the one Sir John A. Macdonald oversaw is Parliament. First Prime Minister of Canada, he was, back in 1867. Bet your jodhpurs he had to justify his job. Most folks didn’t know a legislature from horse manure.

8 Worst New Years Resolutions For Work

If you make them just to break ‘em, give it a rest. New Year’s fresh face is peeking around the corner. Time for our fave annual self-delusion: making resolutions there’s no hope in hell of keeping. If you’re hooked on committing to professional improvement, at least ignore hokey pledges most folk break as fast as they make.

Where The Jobs Were In 2018

It was kind of a mixed year for job growth, with some clouds and bright spots coming up. This past year was meh for Canadian employment. Overall about 220,000 net jobs were added. That’s an increase of about 1.2% in a dozen months. Bizarrely almost half of that came in November alone. Anyway, our labour force grew by 175,000 people in that same period. So really job growth covered that and a bit more. On the plus side, almost all the added positions turned out to be full-time.

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