5 Places You Can Go To Get Published Salary Details

5 Places You Can Go To Get Published Salary Details

So many job ads don't mention pay. That shouldn't stop you from finding a close calculation.

Don't you hate when job postings leave out salary? What a waste! Applying for an $80,000 role if you make half (or twice) that! 

More often than not you're left in the dark. Mercifully there are ways to find out what most jobs pay. Some means are pretty precise; others give approximate figures. 

Why Employers Omit Compensation 
Companies vie for talent. If all salaries were public, bidding wars could erupt. Plus employers could trap themselves. Any job offer they'd make couldn't be lower than the advertised rate. Otherwise, legal troubles are possible. At the same time, top candidates could see the published numbers and sniff their noses at them.

Do they have bizarre excuses for concealing compensation? Either the figure is so low it's a joke, or the company might be trying to scam workers

Where To Find Rough Estimates
Maybe you're not jonesing for exact info. Wage guidelines are usually enough for students and grads, or career changers when perusing potential vocations. 

For this, there's Canada's Job Bank Wage Outlook site. It's a free service run by the federal government. With the National Occupation Codes provided, you can search tonnes of criteria: e.g., job type, locality, the field of study, and skillsets. Stale data and missing job titles may limit accuracy.

Published Salary Guides
Professional associations and industry organizations can be salary sources too. A variety issue annual compensation surveys. Usually, they're available via purchase or membership. Cheaper still is a library card that gives free access to such directories.

Other Canadian salary guides are available from specialty companies. Like the ones published by Randstad, this country's most prominent staffing firm. Get a free soft copy for selected sectors from their site. 

Close Approximations
Job ads without wages are clues to a riddle. Look up postings with similar titles. Find ones that match your skills and years of experience. By hunting and pecking, comparable ads that do display pay might come up. Might. 

Salary Range Calculators     
Exact wage data is challenging to locate. Ranges, fortunately, are rampant. Take IT World Canada's Salary Calculator. Enter a techie job title, location, and level of experience. Up pops average salaries.

Want pay calculators that include most types of jobs? Try out Salary Expert Canada, or PayScale Canadian Research (No fees for the basics.)

Self-Reported Salaries
New sites exist where people confidentially disclose their salary secrets. Glass Door Canada and LinkedIn's Salary section are examples. 

They demand down and dirty details: current pay, bonuses and other dollars, all employee benefits, experience level, company size, and employer's name. Users can search these insider insights. But there may be a fee or self-reveals required.

Leverage The Info
Regardless if you source salaries from websites, recruiters, or networking, use it to your advantage. Apply for jobs that meet your salary needs. Negotiate pay like a pro. You can't get flimflammed once you know the score.