50 Positive character traits for the workplace

50 Positive character traits for the workplace
People are so used to constantly expressing themselves now. They plaster captioned photos on Instagram, post their innermost thoughts to Wordpress, and outline entire work histories on LinkedIn. And yet, so many Canadians find it challenging to talk about themselves in the one instance where it’s unabashedly necessary: in an interview.

Whereas one might describe his or herself as “carefree and compassionate” on a first date, there exist no such trait keywords for interviews. That’s why it’s essential to take simple adjectives and turn them into skills that can be transferred to the job at hand. Now we include a list of personality traits in the workplace.

Adventurous:  I take risks.
Ambitious:  I am driven to succeed.
Approachable:  I work well with others.
Articulate:  I can express myself well in front of groups.
Autonomous:  I use initiative.
Calm:  I stay levelheaded in a crisis.
Charismatic:  I can be a leader when need be.
Cheerful:  I develop a positive work environment.
Clever:  I can juggle multiple tasks.
Competitive:   I thrive under pressure.
Confident:  I am not afraid to ask questions.
Cooperative:  I get along well in a team setting.
Courteous:  I care about workplace atmosphere.
Creative:  I think outside the box.
Curiosity:  I am eager to learn.              
Determined:   I am self-motivated.
Devoted:  I am committed to the company’s success. 
Diligent:   I always work my hardest.
Easygoing:  I easily adapt to new situations. 
Educated:  I possess formal training.
Efficient:  I have very quick turnover time.
Eloquent:  I have strong communication skills.
Energetic: I am able to work long and hard hours.
Enthusiastic:  I put my all into every project.
Flexible:  I am able to adapt my priorities.
Focused:  I am goal-oriented.
Friendly:   I am easy to work with.
Honest:  I value integrity.
Imaginative:  I am inventive in my work process.
Independent:  I need little direction.
Inexperienced:  I am a blank pallet.
Inquisitive:  I am excellent at gathering information.
Insightful:  I can read between the lines.
Intuitive:  I can sense when there is a problem.
Meticulous:  I pay attention to the small details.
Neurotic:  I am a perfectionist.
Open-minded:  I take constructive criticism well.
Opinionated:  I am comfortable voicing opinions.
Organized:  I am a meticulous planner.
Patient:  I am not easily ruffled.
Perceptive:  I can read people effortlessly.
Persuasive:  I am a natural salesperson.
Procedural:  I work best with structure.
Punctual:  I have great time management skills.
Quiet:  I am a great listener. 
Relaxed:  I do not stress easily.
Resourceful:  I use every tool at hand.
Responsible:  I always finish a task on time.
Talkative:  I am comfortable initiating a dialogue.
Technological:  I am industrially savvy.
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