6 Jobs That Relax Other People

Feel less tension by earning a living de-stressing people.

6 Jobs That Relax Other People

In case you hadn’t noticed, people are freakin’ stressed. Snapping at each other at work. Crawling home exhausted with muscles and teeth clenched tighter than a crocodile’s jaw.

So don’t just stand there; opportunity awaits! With all these crabby, contorted drones bursting with tension, there’s dinero to be made by reducing it.

Careers that relax other people call for varying amounts of training. Some don’t require a lot of education. The six outlined below are good examples of what’s out there.
Registered Massage Therapist
Amidst low lighting and peaceful fountain gurgling, grind the hell out someone’s kinks and pulverize their pain spots. Anguished grunts and groans only serve to remind you of the cherished relief you’re providing. Jobs in this field are found in health clinics, massage studios and as independents. Takes post-high-school training and registration with the provincial college of massage therapists. See posted positions here.

Meditation Guide Or Yoga, Tai Chi Instructor
Soothing souls for a living is an ancient trade. Yoga started 5,000 years ago. Tai Chi? Three millennia’s worth. Guided meditation’s hundreds of centuries old. Imagine leading classes in stretching and balance, peaceful inner thought or graceful outer flexibility. Wear tight-fitting spandex outfits on the job. Work at Lululemon and get discounts on Yoga wear.

Sleep Technician
This career’s a real snore, but for some, it’s a dream job. Also known as polysomnographic technologists, these folk monitor clients during sleep studies and record vital signs. Gonna need to be a diagnostic medical training program grad. Board registered too. Additional licenses could be necessary when rising up the ranks. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Bed (And Bedding) Salesperson
Talk about lying down on the job. This role is literally about getting people into bed. Then having them buy the bed, pillows, comforter, sheets and other paraphernalia. Not much more than decent sales skills and some mattress product knowledge will qualify you for this vocation. 

You are feeling sleepy, so sleepy. Now on three, you will awake, totally refreshed and calm. Don’t fret if you can’t remember a thing. Trained hypnotherapists are taught to probe your unconscious mind ethically, and implant some subtle suggestions to help you overcome stress, anxiety and a bunch of nasty impulses (e.g. overeating, smoking). Licensing requirements for clinical hypnosis differ by provinces in Canada.

Why stick pins into a voodoo doll of your boss when you could get paid for puncturing patients? Forget western medicine and embrace holistic healthcare. You’d think inserting needles into people’s skin might not be all that comforting. But add some spa-like music, a gentle touch, and maybe aromatherapy…Presto, it’s utter tranquillity! Acupuncture legislation differs across the country. Average salary’s a piercing $50k or so.