8 Worst New Years Resolutions For Work

8 Worst New Years Resolutions For Work

8 Worst New Years Resolutions For Work

If you make them just to break ‘em, give it a rest.

New Year’s fresh face is peeking around the corner. Time for our fave annual self-delusion: making resolutions there’s no hope in hell of keeping. 

If you’re hooked on committing to professional improvement, at least ignore hokey pledges most folk break as fast as they make.

1.  Work Smarter, not Harder
More productivity, yay. Find simple shortcuts. Learn to leverage tech. Do the work your boss values most first. 

Once you’re churning out more than before, start leaving early and coming in later. See how long before you’re called in to have shade thrown on your ingenuity.

2.  Strive To Be A Disruptor
Words like innovation and disruption are popular AF. Management says “think outside the box.” Use “creative destruction” to produce new solutions. Yeah.

Know what shaking things up nets ya? Blame when it flames. Resentment if the idea takes off. Bulls in china shops best have their ducks in a row (or something like that).

3.  Be More Like The Boss
Great advice, unless the boss is an abusive narcissist. Or hired you to offset their blind spots. 
In any case, pick and choose instead of mimicking wholesale. Otherwise, you’d be faking authenticity – and damaging what shell of your integrity remains.

4.  Escape Your Job For Another One
Work’s been a bummer. YOLO’s nudging you to #FindBetter. All those juicy postings on job boards tempt like the last flu of bubbly on New Year’s Eve. 

But think coolly about what you might be giving up. Investigate interested employers before autographing their offer. Having to quit a brand new job can leave you burned. 

5.  Stop Being So Damned Stressed
You’re a maven of mindfulness. Any chiller you’d be shivering, yet you still get way too tense. Good chance you’re dodging the source of your jumpiness. It’s hard to admit, never mind confront, serious problems. Little hope of relaxing till you do though.

6.  Use More Technology
The latest software and devices can boost efficiency. That’s why you always update to the cutting-edge versions. Laggard colleagues ooh and ah with envy.

Except how much time’s it taking to learn each update’s changes? Does bloated tech slow you down? Employers are starting to talk up good old face to face contact, and a high touch approach to high tech. Better to use existing versions smarter, not harder (see #1 above).

7.  Finish Last Year’s Resolutions ASAP
Time’s running out to complete old commitments. Can’t very well start next year’s with pledges unfinished, eh?

Bunkum. Priorities change as months fly by. Don’t waste a second on obsolete vows (marriages excluded).

8.  Start Making Changes Jan 1
The day after New Year’s Eve would be ripe for revolution. Except for red runny eyes, pounding headache, and the hangover from getting high at all the office parties

To keep resolutions, you’ve got to have the right mindset. Wait till you’re less wobbly to let the efforts begin.