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A Star Is Born Shatters 5 Dream Job Chasing Myths

A Star Is Born Shatters 5 Dream Job Chasing Myths

LOS ANGELES, CA: Lady Gaga attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'A Star Is Born' at The Shrine Auditorium on September 24, 2018. Editorial credit: Joe Seer /

Go Gaga when going after a passion career, but don’t look away from this movie’s messages.  

Love Cinderella? A Star Is Born’s latest remake pays homage. Complete with evil meanies (no stepsisters though) and a fairy-tale rescue, its core’s about wishing for a dream job,

This time Lady Gaga (aka Ms. Stefani Germanotta) plays Ally, an unknown bun-nosed waitress, plucked from obscurity into music’s dizzying heights. Her prince is Jackson (Brad Cooper), a broke down fabled singer. 

Aside from retelling an enchanting story, the film shatters plenty of myths about pursuing your passion career. 

Myth 1: You Always Need The Right Education 
Getting educated’s a good thing. In a bunch of professions, cred requires credentials. Nursing, engineering and auto mechanics, for instance. Other times employers ask for post-secondary papyrus just to seem picky. For the latter jobs, apply despite feeling underqualified.

In the movie, Ally’s from a hard-scrabble life. She earns singing and songwriting props mostly in small-town dive bars. In your case, volunteer work might help set you free from drudgery’s dungeon.

Myth 2:  Talent And Drive Are Everything 
That’s what you were taught, eh? Bull---t! Narcissists believe their wins are totally self-achieved. Partly they are, of course. Skills, knowledge and persistence count muchly.

So does being in the right place at the right time. Making memorable first impressions. And the kindness of strangers in your network.

Jackson first espies his soon-to-be protégé Ally glammed up on stage for drag queen night. Lucky breaks like this come from being there till it bleeds.

Myth 3:  Laws Of Attraction Will Manifest Your Wishes
Ally warbles a couple song lines she wrote. Blink, and she’s whisked by private jet (Uber was out of chariots) to do a stadium duet – for thousands of fans – with legendary Jackson.

Ally’s wish came true not by expressing intentionality to the universe, like it gives a crap, but by slogging sucky gigs till opportunity knocked. Burn your copy of The Secret and get off your ass. Make your own magic happen. 

Myth 4: When You’re Ready, The Right Mentors Appear
Jackson staggers (literally; he’s a sodden drunk) into Ally’s life just when she’s about to give up singing. He takes her under his wing and shows her a career without limits. But, as a disillusioned cinder of his former self, is he the best mentor for her?

Accomplished people may offer to advise you and open precious doors. Sure they’re vastly more experienced and connected than you. Don’t get star-struck. Cherry pick from each, and never stop listening to your gut.

Myth 5:  Selling Your Soul’s Part Of The Game
Ally’s seduced – not literally, that’s Brad Cooper’s role – by a nasty manager. He promises riches and celebrity. All she’s got to do is transform: from demure ingénue to pop princess. Flaming locks and wild getups ain’t optional.

Can striving for authenticity save Ally from the abyss of selling out? Will her valiant efforts be enough to revive her injured prince? Buy a ticket to see, cheapskate.

One thing’s for sure. Pursuing your dream job may present a few nightmares. That shouldn’t stop your story from ending happily ever after.

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