Crafting and Advertising your Brand Identity

Create a unique brand identity for yourself that people will buy into.

Crafting and Advertising your Brand Identity

Learn how to grow your personal brand.


In part one of this series, The Importance of Your Personal Brand, it was established that the sum of your core values, skills, talents, and accomplishments was the winning combo to create yourself a unique brand identity that people will buy into. You also need to know how to grow your personal brand. The purpose of building a brand identity is to help clarify what you want to do and how are you going to get there. It provides the roadmap for your journey.

Evaluating your talents and skills helps you to connect with the passion that lies within you. In reflecting, you can build your future goals. Throwing your values into the mix helps you to connect with your inner intuition. You know, that gut feeling in the pit of your stomach that gets you jazzed about the certain things and less about others.

If you want to see the bigger picture and what career options are available to you, you need to stop viewing your skills and talents as one-dimensional. Each skill that you have mastered has the potential to be transformed into ways you may not have imagined. 

How can you tap into your full potential?

First, list all your top talents and experience and then for each cut them down to a more basic element.

Take, for example, a talent like being highly organized. Now, break it down to a related skill, which could be the ability to manage multiple projects at once. Breaking it down provides awareness around all the ways being highly organized can be transferred into dozens of skills.

Second, what jobs out there need people like you?

Time to put your research hat on.

You can use the keywords of your top skills to do searches through job descriptions on This will give you insight into where your competencies will be most valued. You can also do some detective work to see where you stand against the competition.

With social media, you have the ability to view the profile and histories of the individuals who occupy jobs that interest you. This gives you a benchmark of what skills and background are needed to be considered for these positions. You can then know best then how to position ourselves.

Time to create the message you will share with the world

The most important thing to remember when determining how to grow your personal brand is to be passionate about what you choose to say. Your audience will connect with you through your enthusiasm and confidence.

You can create a narrative which can be in the form of a statement or an elevator pitch. You can even dream up a hashtag to summarize your uniqueness if your brand message is powerful enough. Think about the statement me too and how it meant nothing before it had a powerful concept attached to it.

Start engaging with your target audience

How to best advertise your brand?

Your social media profiles should proudly display your message.  Be clear about what you are trying to convey. As a side tip, recruiters headhunt for prospective candidates by searching with keywords, so make sure to include not only the top competencies that define you historically but also the skills you want to use most going forward.


Networking is a numbers game. Growing a network by joining groups on multiple platforms, such as, LinkedIn, and Facebook are a great start. 

Last thoughts and considerations

Ensure that all your platforms, including your resume, share the same branding message. Inconsistencies, in dates, skills, and messaging look sloppy and will not gain you respect. Also, keep your personal life just that. Personal. 

By exploration your natural abilities you will start to gain perspective on your place in the world, which can show you how to grow your personal brand. This can be a powerful exercise that arms you with the confidence to connect with your dream ambitions.