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Careers That Are Disrupting Retail

Careers That Are Disrupting Retail


From autonomous delivery vehicles to interactive displays that speak to you personally, shopping is spouting a new generation of job opportunities.

The #RetailApocalypse is here. Cashiers devoured by self-serve scanners. Interactive POS displays make sales associates tremble. E-commerce is shattering bricks and mortar.

The whole sector’s volcanic with disruption which has blasted open fissures of opportunity. While the current landscape gets laid to waste, retail 3.0 is spreading like molten rock. Hop on an emerging career to ride the convulsions.


Autonomous Delivery
And you thought click-and-collect was innovative? Ordering online and picking up in-store is old hat. Soon androids will deliver right to your door, same day. (Do you tip a robotic driver?)

Drone Delivery. Staples, the business supply behemoth, teamed with a Canadian drone company to explore cross-country drop-offs. By, you know, remote controlled mini-helicopters. Transport Canada gave the drone firm permission to move beyond “line of sight” trips.

Apply now flight plan programmers, aeronautics engineers, electrical technicians, and cleanup crews (in case of mini-crash landings).

Autonomous Vehicle Fleets. Until skies swarm with thousands of racing blade spinners (duck!), our streets are the test grounds for unmanned deliveries. Driverless vans are being tried by the usual suspects. Loblaw. Amazon. FedEx. 

Hard to believe robots will snatch the freshest meats and milk, or tenderly squeeze the softest loaves of bread. Then drive ‘em over tout de suite. Custom algorithm designers, artificial intelligence gurus (Scrum Masters included), vehicle maintenance mavens, and fleet managers are needed. 


Interactive Marketing
Selling stuff – in-store or online – is the spine of retail. It hasn’t escaped the upheaval.

Interactive Point of Sale (POS). Technology’s invading the sales floor. Digital posters send personalized messages to a shopper’s mobile. “Magic mirrors” offer product info, recommendations, even virtual fittings. Sales associates who play well with these toys will thrive. Copywriters and graphic designers make these devices’ messages magnetic.

Social Media. Check out retail job opportunities in online locatability. Two-thirds of consumers use smartphones to find store locations. Over half of local listings are inaccurate or piecemeal. Listings management and rich media are the cure. There are jobs here in social media marketing and web/mobile technology.


Automated Checkout And Payment
Walmart Canada’s testing portable scanners so shoppers can zap their items along the way and self-checkout instantly. Amazon, which recently acquired grocery chain Whole Foods, opened a checkout-free grocery store in the U.S. Customers never see a cashier: Their Amazon account is charged when they leave.

Anyone who designs or fixes scanners and swipe-free payment terminals is boss. So are software folk to train the mechanical critters.


Other Disruptive Retail Jobs
Now more than ever, jobs paying $50k+ in retail are bubbling up. Big data is changing how retailers leverage customers. Data scientists, who use AI and deep learning, know more about us than Orwell predicted.

Lean operations management. Omnichannel selling. Algorithmic logistics. Retail’s in a quake zone. Shake up your career (in a good way) right alongside.

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