Combine Writing And IT Know-How As A Technical Storyteller

Combine Writing And IT Know-How As A Technical Storyteller

These multi-talents scribbles and yak about what techies produce, in language that rouses non-geeks.

“Storyteller” used to be a synonym for full of crap. Now it’s the buzzword in job ads for marketing communications. Apply this to the tech world for a niche IT career.

Tech storytellers are part public relations guru, writer and public speaker, with an undercoat of nerd. A dope combo, much in demand.

A Different Kind Of Techsplaining 
This role’s basically a specialized kind of marketing communication. Translating mind-busting technical concepts for pre-selected audiences. In ways, they relate to. So that these people get excited without drowning in IT-babble.

It’s different than technical writing in gizmo manuals and white papers. That stuff’s focused on pure techsplanation. How to attach dongle A to SATA port B. Or how nuclear power plants work without melting the entire planet.

Mashup tech with storytelling and it’s something unique: strategic tales that engage and persuade targeted folk simply. Kinda like advertising the sexiest new ultra-phone to consumers, or a billion dollar bullet train to governments. 

Standard Use Cases
What’s a use case? Geek-speak for showing how a user operates the product (or service) to get something specific done. Here’s a few for technical storytelling.
•    Describing in humanizing terms what the engineers, scientists and techies do. Great when seeking tech staffing funds and recruiting fresh brainiacs.
•    Turning customer experiences into relatable narratives. Helpful for marketing campaigns.
•    Showing senior management WIIFM (what’s in it for them) to sign off on projects and business plans. 
•    Presenting otherwise baffling developments to various stakeholders (e.g. current employees, financial backers, the media, lawmakers). Wrangling ‘em all onside.

Duties & Responsibilities
Tons of writing, editing, and content strategy in these jobs. A company invents a miracle transistor material? Churn out exciting stories about how it works and ways it’ll rock our world.

Once audiences are pegged, cliff-hangers are penned, you adapt for use. Whipping the prose into blog posts and tweets. Producing pretty PowerPoints. Shooting video clips and eye-arresting pics.

Some roles include public performances. Speaking to crowds at presentations. Conducting webinars. Doing product demos like the ShamWow guy (but with fewer tongue bites from a hooker).

If you can’t spin a gripping yarn, don’t be applying. Same if you think grammar’s the old lady you visit once a month.

Collaborators only. You’ll be in the face of subject matter experts muchly. Ping-ponging between tech departments and marketing. Chowing with hired specialists like photogs, videographers, SEO mavens and web designers.

Bring with you a background in tech and communications. A relevant education might be mandatory. Marketing, communications, journalism, literature or fine arts (writing). Conversely, come with IT or technical writing credentials.

In any case, your story writing samples will be pored over. Footage of you wowing a crowd with pearls of spoken wisdom a bonus.

Not everyone can mesh techie elegance with tale-telling eloquence. If you’re among the chosen, apply now to riveting storyteller jobs on