Emerging Healthcare-Related Jobs for 2019

Emerging Healthcare-Related Jobs for 2019

Mind-blowing medical trends are awakening new employment.

Healthcare field’s got insomnia; it doesn’t sleep a wink. Always on 24/7. New devices, procedures, drugs and trends keep leading to more jobs.

What’s keeping it awake in 2019? Everything from radical gene therapies to AI bioinformatics. Roles directly in the medical field and sectors that serve it are stirring.

Peep at what’s preventing healthcare from snoozing. Could well rouse you to the job of your dreams.

Gene Therapy
A dozen or so gene therapy products have now been approved for use. More are being certified every few months. 

CAR T cell therapy for leukemia. Luxturna for retinal dystrophy. Creating new specialties for medical personnel. But also bioethicists and patient advocates. For biopharma salespeople too. Even financial folk who conjure voodoo payment plans for (gulp) $500,000 treatments.

AI Bioinformatics
Mashup statistics, comp sci, biochemistry and data parsing. Use AI to find Fabiola protein combos or do mock bio experiments.

Calling all healthcare informaticians. Programmers and software designers wake up. Plus anyone in AI and machine learning.

Personalized Medicine
Be gone, generalized medical advice! People’s genes are telling docs what drugs to dole out (a fun name for this? pharmacogenetics). This advance echoes beyond GPs, nurses, pharmacists and meds makers.

Gene-based dieticians and nutritionists are getting recruited. Biomarker diagnosticians and genetic counsellors also. Coming soon to lifestyle advisors, personal DNA test interpreters, fitness instructors, and video game stylists doing customized health apps.

Smart Health Wearables 
Slapped on a FitBit Ring or Bellabeat Necklace yet? Wearable fitness trackers are bae. Measuring heart rate and weight. Foot pressure, sleep apnea and mood disorders!

Someone’s got to manufacture and repair this tech. Make sure it connects to the IoT. And transmits your ultra-private medical secrets to insurers (or who the hell knows where). Jobs are growing at the receiving end as well. Insurance actuarial and claims investigator voyeurs, for instance. Hey, no one forced you to be monitored.

It’s a boon for creepy device marketers and advertisers too. Bury the privacy invasions in small print. Mind you that means more jobs for privacy experts and Terms of Use interpreters.

Tweaking our immune systems can help fight cancer. Got your attention, eh? Lots of other health issues also benefit.

So does the employment market. RN’s, medical device QC and salespeople for sure. But check out some titles sounding like futuristic gigs: Biological Consumables Technician; Immunotherapy Clinic Office Manager; R&D Associate, Antibody Discovery & Optimization. Impressive on business cards.

Virtual Medicine
Telehealth by phone’s morphing into diagnosis via mobile video. Here again, AI and algorithms help assess ailments day or night.

Also needed are frontline health-carers who can read expressions and body language. Act as an intake worker. Give initial advice and make referrals. Bonus points for night owls (nocturnalists) who’ll do the zombie shifts.