Fall Office Fashion - Why It Pays To Be A Wardrobe Rebel

In the office, it pays off to think outside the box.

Fall Office Fashion - Why It Pays To Be A Wardrobe Rebel


The best ideas — the ones that are surprising, yet perfect — come from the fringe. They’re not predictable or anticipated, and they certainly don’t follow any rules. Let’s face it; no-one ever got ahead by solely doing what’s expected of them. Originality and creativity come from taking risks. The same goes sartorially. This fall, don’t fade into the sea of navy suits and pencil skirts. Anyone can follow an arbitrary dress code, but it takes a leader to write her own styles rules. 


Wear white after Labour Day 

The outdated notion that white becomes a faux pas in the fall is, only that — outdated. Don’t worry what Becky from finance told you. It’s a classic that works all year round. Try a head-to-toe monochrome cream suit, any time of the year, for a refined statement. When everyone else is sporting an ordinary rotation of black slacks, remember, winter whites are not only appropriate, they’re ahead. 


Wear shorts with a blazer 

Transition your traditional blazer back into your wardrobe, but instead of opting for the predictable matching skirt or pant combo, go for oversized shorts. You’ll stand out in the refreshed take on workwear separates. Pair with kitten-heel mules or — if you’re truly looking to push the envelope — open-toe, strappy sandals. Pulling off the look is easier than it sounds. Just ensure your coordinating shorts are roomy and long enough to hit just above the knee. Yes, rules are made to broken, but we can all agree that short-shorts should stay out of the office. 


Mix prints

Forget what you thought you knew about prints. If you like something, there’s no reason not to double up. The trick is to stay within a harmonized colour palette, so the pairing looks intentional. Start with polka-dots, in two different sizes, for a creative yet coordinated combo. Florals, stripes and plaids are other options. Play with the print’s proportions and tones to find a delightfully unforeseen match. If you’re having trouble getting started, pick one monochrome pattern and treat it like your solid. And don’t forget, more is more. 


Wear black with blue 

At one point or another, we’ve all been told that cream doesn’t work well with white. It’s also widely — and falsely — presumed that one shouldn’t wear black with navy. It might be a controversial colour combo, but don’t let that stop you. Besides, the coupling is a mainstay in French style, and Parisiennes certainly know how to dress. Try a navy dress with black booties to start, then move on to tailored black pants and a billowing blue blouse. 


Wear sneakers with a dress 

For an office that’s more casual than corporate, swap out your everyday flats for a pair of crisp white sneakers. With a skirt or a dress, sneakers give your look a more relaxed vibe. Plus, they’re comfy, so if you’re on your feel for a portion of the day, it’s a great option. The only problem is, once you’ve added them to your footwear rotation, you’ll never want to go back to heels.