Getting High At The Office Holiday Party

Getting High At The Office Holiday Party

Should you partake of herb at your office party?

It may be legal to use marijuana at company festivities but do so inoffensively.

‘Tis the season to be merry-juana. So should you partake of herb at your office party? Everyone else is getting sloshed; it only seems fitting.

Thing is if you’re going to get stoned there observe the etiquette. Being buzzed among coworkers and bosses poses some different perils than boozing.

First Find Out If Bongs Are Banned
In the eyes of Canada’s laws, weed and booze are on equal footing. Theoretically, employers will remember this at the holiday celebration.

Only they might elect to forbid Maryjane while letting alcohol flow freely. You could object, except that would put a spotlight on your usage. Maybe that matters, maybe not.

You might ignore the ban and partake anyway. Get caught and risk being shamefully ejected, with a pleasant disciplinary chat scheduled first thing Monday. If you do break the rule, at least consume undetectably. Baked goods, gummies or tinctures, not a skunky joint.

Be Ready To Out Your Use
Do you get outrageously buzzed every work night and weekend? What the employer doesn’t know can’t affect your rep.

Your image changes once noticeably high in their midst. A party potter might be looked on differently than a social drinker. To be sure, some folk might admire your ballsiness. Others might see it as reckless, and wonder about your habits.

Bring Your Own Stash
Employers may pour drinks gratis, but there’s no obligation to dispense weed. If you crave, the latter carry your own. Two persuasive reasons.

One is you look pathetic running around asking to mooch. Makes it seem you’re a jonesing cheapskate. Two is about ensuring a good experience. Someone else’s cannabis is a blend you might not be used to. You’re familiar with your usual stuff’s effects and tolerance level. Is a mixer with the masses really time to end up SOL (Stoned On Loaned)?

Don’t Be A Stingy Grinch
This is the season of sharing. Maybe bring enough goodies to pass around. Just be sure to tell recipients what’s in those cookies or candies. Informed choice is crucial to everyone’s well-being.

Also be cautious when transporting THC. An adult 18 years or older (depending on province) can possess, and dole out to other grownups, a max of 30 grams legal ganja. Makes a nifty gift to the boss who has everything.

Stay Appropriate
If you were drinking instead of toking, would it be OK to stroke the boss’s ass or argue loudly that white supremacists are merely misunderstood? Thought not.

Same with getting hemped. Picture the fool who’s so blitzed that they cause an ugly scene. Recall that fixating on small things (such as the mole on a hottie’s chin) or laughing like a hyena are common effects.

Finally, arrive home alive. If you insist on getting behind a wheel, give yourself at least two hours after the last intake. Cops test for drug impairment same as with alcohol. Losing your license – now that’s a dumb career move.