Getting The Jump On Daylight Savings Time

Getting The Jump On Daylight Savings Time


How to use “springing forward” to your advantage.

Second Sunday in March. Sleep in late, rest up cozily, and – WTF, lose an hour?! Surprise. Daylight Savings Time (DST) springs forth.

At 1:00 a.m. that morning we move our analogue clocks forward 60 minutes. Only most of us forget to. So when we wake to greet the sunrise, we’re flabbergasted we’ve missed that favourite morning show or stood up a dawn coffee date.

This year get the jump on this pre-spring time theft. Then use the next eight months of DST to power your career ahead.

First Day Of Spring DST
That initial Sunday wakeup was probably like a death-metal dirge. Slept your normal amount only to lose a full hour of daytime. Stay in bed later, and it’s noonish before dragging your tush to brekkie.

Rush all day jamming 24 hours of life into 23. At bedtime, you’re screwed too. Technically it comes an hour earlier than yesterday. Sort of. Any wonder your sleep pattern’s all wonky?

A way to de-discombobulate things. One week before DST, start going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night. Come Sunday’s rooster crow your system will take less of a jolt.

First Week After
About that derriere dragging mentioned above. Lasts for at least a few more days as your body readjusts. Circadian rhythm in a blender’s a good analogy.

No duh the first week of DST sets rancid records. Higher rates of heart attacks. More traffic bang-ups as eyelids droop. Everyone at work’s in a pissy sleep-deprived mood. (Tip: ask for a raise first thing Monday morning while bossy’s bleariest?)

Might want to tiptoe around crotchety coworkers. Take extra safety measures doing dicey procedures. Until your equilibrium’s restored. Then it soaks up the sunlight and race forward.

Next Couple Of Months
Been SAD all winter? Cooped up and suffering from cabin fever? Get the hell out. Outside, that is. Or at least plunk yourself next to a window and take in the glorious light. It’s a balm for the soul.

Makes for the perfect time to reboot an exercise routine. New studies show even strolls can jack your health, which boosts output. Beats slogging in sleet bogged down in goose feathers and galoshes. 

Leaving work when it’s still bright is a mood lifter. Celebrate by inviting colleagues for some after-hours mingling. (Meeting in a dark bar kinda misses the point, but whatever.) 

May The Force Be With You – May Thru October
Once spring and summer weather arrives all bets (and binding clothes) are off. Canada becomes one big rave, now including legal marijuana. Mosh pits optional.

Here’s the kicker: jonesing for sunshine makes it hard to work hard. Especially in a country where warm weather’s fleeting. Need to balance revelling with meeting objectives? Try using a time management system to schedule essentials.

Party’s over on first Sunday of November. DST ends for the year. Plunged back into darkness once more. Perk up though. Just four more months and clocks spring clockwise again!