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Happy Chinese New Year! It's Time To Feng Shui Your Career

Happy Chinese New Year! It's Time To Feng Shui Your Career

Your office is a mirror, reflecting back what’s showing up in your business, so it’s important to make sure the energy of your environment matches the energy of what you want.

Stuck in a work rut? No energy, vision or output? Obviously, your workspace is unhappy!

Could be clutter that is cluttering up your productivity and engagement. You can always jump on the #KonMari method to spark some joy and transform your career, or how about feng shui-ing your space. 

There’s no denying the undying devotion to Marie Kondo’s trademark tidying techniques, and that her Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is sparking happiness and productivity in homes and offices, but rest assured there are less cut-throat methods to clearing the crap out of your physical workspace and headspace too.

With Chinese New Year here, tidying up the feng shui way in 2019’s Year of the Pig will bring you peace, pleasure and abundance, says feng shui expert Patricia Lohan. “It's the perfect time of year to take action and declutter to make way for incoming good luck.”

Feng shui isn’t about knocking down walls, hanging weird trinkets or throwing everything out. It’s about organizing and energizing, especially when you’ve hit a career wall. According to Lohan, author of The Happy Home: Your Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, when people are feeling stuck or struggling in attracting what they want in life, then spaces need to be un-jinxed to free up the energy, and get it flowing.

Think of it like acupuncture for your career – feng shui gets positivity and productivity flowing and makes room for opportunities, clients and money to come into your business. “Your office is the visual representation of your business so it critical that it represents where you are going in life.” 

So just how do you do that? Well, Lohan’s feng shui hacks will reap good luck and re-energize your career:

•    Position your desk in the command position in the farthest corner of the room and be sure there is a wall behind you. If the desk is pushed up to the wall, it’s pushing work away – if you can’t move it or don’t have space place an expansive image of nature in front of you. Do not put it in front of a window.

•    Your desk should be made of wood. There should also be no exposed beams overhead. 

•    Be sure you are able to see the door from your desk, so you can see what is entering and leaving your workspace. Sitting with your back to the door is akin to turning your back on opportunity. And don’t put it in direct line with the doorway.

•    Clear out all paperwork, stationery, books and reference material from past jobs and careers. Make sure everything in your space is relevant to your career and the direction of where you want your career to go. 

•    Streamline possessions on top your desk – go with a notepad, computer and one picture, maybe of your family.

•    Be sure you’re sitting in a strong “the boss” chair. It needs a solid high back and solid base – this represents support and stability in your job and life. Armrests provide support and protection, literally and symbolically. 

•    Bring in things relevant to the career that you want to create. That requires a vision board of all the companies that you would love to work with. 

•    Do a digital declutter – it’s a sure-bet creator of overwhelm and stress. Delete all old resumes and job applications. 

•    To banish stuck energy, be sure to open the windows and do a really deep clean of your space. Cobwebs in the corner? Cobwebs in your career!

•    If you work in a space with multiple desks, arrange them, so they all facing in the same direction to avoid office politics.

•    Office art needs to lift and nourish your personal energy and reflect the kind of success you want to enjoy in work. Pick pieces that represent the values and vision of the business. 

•    Displaying a group picture of all the staff together will create better teamwork in an office.

•    Place a picture of a solid mountain behind your desk for support and protection against office politics. This also helps get your work and efforts recognized. 

•    A picture of stormy weather will lead to stormy business. A picture of boats tied up against a dock indicates a company is stuck.

“Your office is a mirror, reflecting back what’s showing up in your business, so it’s important to make sure the energy of your environment matches the energy of what you want,” adds Lohan. 

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