How Performance Reviews Are Being Infiltrated By AI

How Performance Reviews Are Being Infiltrated By AI

Your next raise, promotion or review might rely on data analytics. Know what the algorithms are watching for.

Notice anything sketchy about your latest performance review? Maybe for the first time, it gave you crap for the “sentiment index” of your Slack messages. Or praised your “time to task ratios.” WTF?

Say hi to AI in gauging your worth as a worker. Reduced to numeric stats. Watched and reported on like rats in a lab. Brave new world my ass.

Starting in corporations and working their way down, analytics are encroaching in a big way. A big data way, where neural networks parse and report on your activities. Knowing what’s stirring gives you a chance to catfish the algorithms.

Probing Your Productivity
If you loathe dealing with micromanagers, now they’re being built into your tech. Software like KnowYourDay snoops on your computer use. Its AI tracks time spent on applications, keystroke counts and web activity.

The boss gets a daily spooge of your doings. This is compared against targets and noted in regards to efficiency. Toss in geo-traceable portable devices: even working remotely you’re stared at over your shoulder. Can employers really spy on you like this

Rating Your Responsiveness
Hats off to Yva. Not that exotic new hire; the real‑time people analytics program. Powered by neural networks. Auto-analyzes your work emails and Slack. Spits out indicators like response time, message sentiment and task speed. Snitches to the manager if your slacking.

Not intrusive enough? Also detects interpersonal conflicts in emails with clients. If not resolved fast it tells on you. Who needs evil coworkers?

Eavesdropping On Your Engagement
Predictive analytics platforms like Claro see and know all. Your secret desire to leave’s no match for its algorithms. In some cases, you’re detected before consciously intending to flee. 

How’s this eerie oracle work? By scouring your public social media. Applying machine learning to behaviours. For instance update your education, employment history, or join a professional group. It notices. Do this stuff of stuff enough, and you’re outed as disengaged. Tata stealthy job searches.

Lurking In Your Learning 
Employers have always kept an eye on your professional development. Knowing which conferences and seminars you attend. How much reimbursement for courses you submit.

That was nothing. Learning platforms such as Zoomi customize (and chart) your instruction. As a learner pores over the material, every keystroke, answer and pause is studied real time. Algorithms judge and forecast your progress. When you’re stumped, it creates new content on the fly. 

That ain’t all. It can monitor internal social networks and discover the dunces, or spot who’s aiding others to learn.

Playing The Game
If the above sounds more like scary trends in tracking workers, your damn right. But awareness of being scrutinized is half the battle. 

Educate yourself on what the neural networks look for when inspecting you mercilessly. Visit some sites of AI-based people performance platforms. Read the basics on what they use as input. Model yourself accordingly. 

Then feign pleasant surprise when the boss gives you a glowing review. Eat dust, inhuman machines.