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Jobs In The Blockchain Domain

Jobs In The Blockchain Domain

Work as a distributed ledger Developer, Systems Engineer, Product Manager, Miner and more in this emerging field.

People hear “Bitcoin” and ache to be billionaires. The tech behind such frothy cryptocurrencies is blockchain. It’s also for new commercial uses spawning jobs aplenty.

Work in the distributed ledger domain is mainly IT related. There’s also less technical roles in companies that develop and market blockchain programs.

Amped to catch this gravy train? Take a gawk at some postings on

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Consultant 
Work in a startup that claims a bulging bankroll. Better bleed digital ledgers and open source coding (Ethereum, Bitcoin). That ain’t all. Be a cryptographer/security and transaction ninja. Build a protocol to overlay systems. QA/Testing’s part of this role too. 

With related experience and a B.A., you make the first cut. This job offers a full-time contract. Tax advantages to those who know the drill.

JavaScript Developers - Learn BlockChain 
Fancy yourself a code artist with Javascript and Node.JS/Angular? Get taught the latest in ledgers by a talented team. Then perform magic. 

The ideal applicant? Someone who drives Agile groups. Turns crazy complexity into whiteboard simplicity. Must have a degree in Comp Sci, Engineering, Math; or be some freakish wunderkind. Experience in rxjs, pub/sub, ionic, and financial services considered an asset. Full-time position on a project basis.

DataBase Analyst – Software Developer 
This job’s at a bchain co. Their mission: Make it child’s play for Canadians to buy, sell, send and store cc. “Build proprietary technology that can be deployed on a global scale.” Then take a snack break. 

Report to the Development Manager. Make and convert data models into relational database designs. Develop applications in Java. Help gather and refine requirements. Bring with 5+ years of Spring and dependency injection frameworks. CI/CD such as Jenkins or Bamboo and Ansible as well. Otherwise, go be a poser elsewhere.

SAP iXp Intern - Product Marketing Specialist
Here’s one of those entry-level IT Careers For People Who Dislike…Tech. Got to be marketing-mad. SAP’s Internships pay university students to dive in. Blockchain’s among the tech to be blogged and flogged. This here’s an eight-month chance to get launched. 

Conjure and edit internal communications. Do video storyboarding and production. Be graphic. Ever drafted a marketing plan? You’ll soon say yes. Perks are plentiful in this role. Get mentored, find BFFs, and learn from experts far smarter than you’ll ever be. Business degree grads have an edge.

Bitcoin Miner 
This line of work falls under self-employment. You earn small sums lending computing power for digital ledger transactions. Blockchain know-how’s good to have.

It’s kind of like being an IT network professional. Think server farmer. Irrigating rows of budding central processors. Making like Goldilocks, keeping them not too hot or cold (juuust right). Planting new units to increase yields.

Highfalutin algorithms verify transactions in exchange for your chosen cryptocurrency. Profit’s determined by computing, maintenance, storage, and return-strangling energy costs. The latter is why so many ledger farms locate in Iceland and Canada. Cooler climes, cheaper electricity.

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