Prepping For A Super Strategic Job Search

Prepping For A Super Strategic Job Search

Go narrower, not wider, to find the work you’re itching for.

A classic way to suck the life from your work search: chase after meh jobs. If you’ve got some time to #findbetter, go strategic instead.

That means hunkering down to detail what you’re looking for. Ripping in to research lists of fitting employers. Shredding and redoing marketing material to be on fleck. Then honing in on contacts who could open your chosen doors.

Targeting your search more narrowly is the goal. Break the pattern of choosing jobs you dislike.

What’s Strategy Got To Do With It?
Nothing fancy-do about being strategic. Simply start out with the end in mind. Then work backward, mapping the steps (and resources) it’ll take to get there. 

It doesn’t hurt, to begin with, some self-assessment. Maybe do a personal mission, vision and values statement. It’s like a dashboard heads up display for your life.

Note Your Needs Vs. Wants
You want a job that pays seven figures and gets you on the cover of Rolling Stone. You need one that’ll cover your lifestyle costs and not make you retch Monday mornings. Somewhere in between’s the sweet spot. 

Jot down the traits of your ideal job. Pay and perks. Home-based or workplace bound. Employer location and size. Reputation and values. Now, separate those into needs (must haves) and wants (nice to have's). 

Next put in the minimum acceptable level (MAL) for each of your top needs and wants. Presto digito. There’s what you’re shooting for and won’t settle for less than.

Craft A List Of Suitable Employers
Who’s likeliest to hire people with your skills and know how? Which of those places offer jobs that closely match your MAL wish list?

Find ‘em by probing for related ads. Also, use search engines to find recruiting videos about a day in the life of someone in your role. See which employers posted them. Scan employer review sites for candid comments.

Hone Your Marketing Stuff 
Since you know where you see yourself in five years, and the employers to target, go gonzo on marketing material. Make them even more targeted than those f’ing ads that follow your phone.

Customize resumes and cover letters before applying. Turn your social media profiles into mini-commercials. And keep the messaging consistent in words, visuals and vids.

Identify Relevant Contacts 
Triage your connections in two steps. First, who do you know already in that field, or at your pinpointed employers? Second, who do you know that might know relevant people and companies? 

Make your contacts aware of precisely what you’re after. Follow-up with only decent leads like a bloodhound. 

Launch Your Targeted Campaign
A strategic job search shrinks wasted effort. It helps to hit the end goal faster, with more chance of meeting success you’ve defined beforehand.

So put away the shotgun and pick up a laser. Aim its sleek ray full blast at select targets. And capture jobs that’ll beam your career into orbit.