Skills Needed For The 2025 Manager

Skills Needed For The 2025 Manager

Get ready for meta-cognition, AI integration and other emerging aptitudes. 

Hey there modern managers! You’re so damned up to date. Brimming with emotional intelligence. A master at communicating. And tech-savvy? All your mobile apps auto-sync to teamware. 

Who cares what a recent major study by Royal Bank says; how massive skills changes will slam Canadian jobs by 2025. No one’s more future-proof than you.

That said, maybe curb the hubris a tad. Experts predict managers will need some magnum new talents. 

Gotta get your daily dose of metacog. Unlike Metamucil, the juices it stirs are in your brain. Simply put, it means thinking about how you think.

Grasping your favoured learning styles. Assessing your knowledge gathering strategies and which ones kick ass. Consciously directing your own motivation and attitudes around knowing more. 

In total it adds up to self-regulated learning. Without it, your EQ (emotional quotient) won’t be up to snuff. 

AI Integration 
The claws of artificial intelligence will be everywhere. You won’t need to code it (using, say, pathfinding neural network algorithms). Unless you pursue AI as a career. But as an end-user of enabled software and devices, count on building in protocols that crank up your team’s efficiency.

Can you picture giving up some of your autonomy to Alexa or Echo? Maybe even to a wave of connected or robotic thingies. Managers who can master this stuff – and, as importantly, get their staff trained and psyched too – will have a leg up.

Diversity Leveraging
Frankly, it’s an embarrassment how long it took Canadian companies to diversify their staff. Next came the era of “accepting differences” (how uber-progressive). Then inclusion. Finally, we’re shifting to embrace people’s uniqueness

After this will come team optimization based on individual variances. No DNA sequencing yet. Managers will tease out, and harness, strengths of the underrepresented. Screw bias. Take the best of cultural, ethnic, sex and gender qualities. Incent staff to bring their authentic selves to work. Powerful stuff.  

Managing the Fragmented Workplace
Alt work arrangements are cropping up all over. Tomorrow’s leader will oversee a ménage of direct reports. Permanent workers. Contract employees. Giggers. Job sharers. Remote personnel. Digital Assistants.

Harmonizing this zoo takes special skills. One is schedule-coordination on the fly. Virtual communicating’s another. A third will mash-up rousing, measuring and rewarding performance based on results only. 

Judgment In The Face Of Complexity
Accelerating tech intros, the demands of gen Z, and global competition. Plus sped up the pace. Those are a manager’s main challenges in the coming years. 

What's the one thing that’ll stay the same? Expectations. You’ll always need to produce loftier results. Much of which rides on your judgment. In normal conditions, it’s hard to make good decisions consistently. As complexity rises more factors enter. Odds of blowing things up increase.

And here you thought meta-cognition a laugh. Quit snickering. Managers slow to learn and adapt will suffer the fate of landlines: indispensable one day, in the dustbin of history next.