Stand Out As An Ethical Employee

Stand Out As An Ethical Employee

Being ethical sets you apart as someone who’ll do the right thing.

Turn your tendency to take the high road into a competitive advantage at work.

Don’t you hate it when a-holes get rewarded? Makes ol’ Machiavelli seem bang on: All’s fair at work and war

If your workplace is a Red Wedding, it can feel like acting honourably is for weaklings. Lies and underhandedness ascend. Anything goes when winning’s at stake.

Which is why your integrity will stand out even more. Being ethical sets you apart as someone who’ll do the right thing. So long as your boss and a few key colleagues lap that up, your star rises.

Keeping your nose clean while those around you mire in muck ain’t a walk in the cake. Gotta stick to a script when serpents serve tempting fruits.

Tell The Truth
Duh, right? Any nursery school kid knows this one. So why’s it tricky not to lie as adults? Ask your rug rat self. Fudging facts can score you pleasure if honesty earns penalties. 

Here’s how to make frankness your friend. Discreetly point out…
•    Faults or likelihood of failure in a boss or colleague’s precious plan 
•    Errors of calculation or assumption in numerical results 
•    Consequences of pursuing unethical tactics in a particular situation
•    Discovery of someone’s bigly cheating, stealing, harassing etc.

By discreet we mean not pointing fingers and shouting “THEY did it!” A touch of tact (like taking the culprit or boss aside for a big reveal), shows your motives aren’t tainted.

No Backstabbing
Like it when someone tells you something to your face but flips it to others? How about hearing whispers about you – false ones at that – which ravage your reputation? Sabotage and gossip are devious ways to advance. They might work like a charm short term. Get exposed as the source however and reap the whirlwind.

Jonesing to set the grapevine ablaze? Plant factual positives about folks you want to support.

Admit Blame
Everyone screws up eventually. Question is when to fess up? The thing about errors is small ones suppressed could mushroom. If you catch the screw-up early, the damage is usually less. Your slight shame is the cost of ducking disaster. Nice way to impress the muck-a-mucks.  

Don’t stop there though. Figure out what went wrong and show how you’ll avoid a repeat. That’s not just ethical, it’s savvy self-marketing.

Do Company Politics Cleanly
Tough to stay pure when “playing the game” at work. Damned shame merit alone might not cut it. When it doesn’t, get ahead without getting dirty.
•    Strategically suck up to the boss if obliged (rinse and spit after)
•    Make people around you look good and let them share some credit for your achievements
•    Endorse the company, boss and colleagues on social media
•    Create relationships with key workmates and get on their good sides

Spoils don’t always go to victors who triumph via evil. Ethical actions can beat corrupt practices when results are similar, or calamity’s averted (e.g. bad press, legal backlash, embarrassing resignations). Be a knight in shining armour and earn your due.