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Treat Your New Job’s Pre-Start Like The NBA Pre-Season

Treat Your New Job’s Pre-Start Like The NBA Pre-Season

Treat Your New Job’s Pre-Start Like The NBA Pre-Season

In the time between accepting the offer and start-day prep to make succeeding nothing but a swish.

Pay rapt attention. No, even Raptor. NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard has transferred to Canada (at least for 2018-19).

How’s this California native prepping for his moose and Mountie debut? A lot like you before starting a new job. He’s using pre-season – the half-time after offer signing and before officially starting – to ensure his game’s lit.

No reason you should be a basket case on your first day. Not if you follow the playbook.

Ask How You Could Get Ready
Your days prior to start don’t include hours of sweat-soaked scrimmages. But it could involve 60-90 minutes of training.

Part of it should be based on a question to your soon-to-be boss: What could I read or do that’d help me with my role? Shows initiative. They might send you some documents. Or arrange chats with key insiders. Also, volunteer to pre-fill any forms. 

Scout The Power Players
Better believe Leonard’s been scouring the Raptors’ roster. Eyeing teammate stats. Vibing to their on-court moves. 

Doubt he’s using LinkedIn or social media for this, though you sure as hell are. Hopefully, you did pre-interview due diligence on your prospect employer. Now fine tune it. Sign up for news updates about the company. Scan employee profiles. C’mon, don’t be Cavalier.

Swap Uniforms
Ciao to San Antonio’s spur. Hey there T.O. killer-lizard. Players who change teams sport fresh outfits. What gear norms will you need to abide? If your current wardrobe’s not v hipster, modify. (Make sure what you buy’s returnable, in case you’re booed badly soon after starting.)

Shake Off Past Losses
No athlete has a perfect record. If you do, mazeltov. Everyone else will be psyching themselves before their first start. Dark dreams of past fouls can shrink the tallest down to size.

Leonard’s quad injury had him play only 9 games last season. Then he allegedly bungled his Spurs’ exit. Plus rumour is he balked at Canada since it’s, you know, chilly. (Damn golden staters!) Still, deem your own baggage hefty?

Party Till You Boof, Then Rest
Drink like Judge Kavanaugh in prep school while you’ve got the chance. Purge as required. Showing up reeking of booze or weed (or looking unkempt) will get you benched day one.

Block Out First Day Jitters
It’s okay to be nervous when you begin. Unfamiliar setting. Vague about priorities and systems. Mercifully no one expects instant MVP output. Remind yourself you’ll have time to ask questions and pivot. Unlike NBA’ers, who’ve gotta swoosh 3 pointers opening night.

Plan On Arriving Early
Avoid March Madness. Be at your new work a bit ahead of time. Here’s how to make it foolproof and stress-free the evening before:
•    Lay out your clothes and paraphernalia (e.g. wallet, bucks, devices) 
•    Mobile-map the fastest route (which you’ve already tried out for real)
•    Allow for delays, and play on your phone (or, gasp, oggle a book) while waiting close by

You’ll be warmed up to make that great intro impression. For Leonard, his adopted team beat Portland 122-104 first pre-season match. ‘Cause he’d done his homework, natch.

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