When Best Work Friends Become Fantastic Beasts 2

When Best Work Friends Become Fantastic Beasts 2

Has your best work friend become a fantastic beast?

If bosom buddies transmute into evil enemies, deal with ‘em before they ravage your mojo.

Just another day at the office: your former same-sex love interest forsakes goodness, starting an unholy reign of terror to rule earth by dark magic. Oops, that’s the plot of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2.”

In this sequel, ex-besties Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald have a falling out. Just like workplace pals often do. Though in their case the world’s fate is at stake. 

Your best job-friend might one day wave their wand wickedly. Suddenly you’re arch rivals, battling to the death. This is how it might happen and what to do. 

A Minor Disagreement Flares
Evil wizard Grindelwald gets this pesky notion his kind should enslave all others. Dumbledore’s stubbornly diversity friendly. If you and your workplace BFF have a dispute, try to find common ground. Agree to disagree on the rest. Then kiss and make up (warning: unwanted kissing constitutes harassment).

Tussling While Competing
There are only so many promotions, corner offices, and primo assignments to go around, usually never enough for everyone. Dealing with rivalry for these is a byotch. Grindelwald conjures sabotage and curses to win diabolically. You could rat out your enemy’s malevolence to the boss or HR. Also, invoke white magic by triumphing ethically.

Flirting Goes Bad
Fantastic Beasts creator J.K. Rowling made Albus’s love for Grindelwald homoerotic. Clearly, that relationship developed kinks. Did the wary warlock cruelly reject his chum’s advances? Was Dumbledore dumbstruck and heart-shattered? Workplace romances can be magical. But the downsides are worse than Obscurial disenchantment.

They Become Your Boss
Albus Dumbledore was protagonist Newt Scamander’s professor and mentor. They rekindle their bond and fight their adversaries united. Doesn’t always happen when a colleague scores the boss chair you craved. The Jealous green-eyed monster can be ruinous. Make nicey-nicey while planning your gruesome revenge.

They’re Building An Army
Grindelwald amasses a global militia by concealing its true purpose. His sorcerer soldiers could create a brutal dictatorship. So build your own network of influential allies. And kiss up to the powers that be strategically. Even Dumbledore has to recruit Newt (via Leta Lestrange) as co-commander.
Joining A Direct Competitor
You or your workmate might not defect to apartheid tyranny as Grindelwald does. Still, you once shared a common mission. All those secret incantations and spells in the wrong hands? New boundaries must abound. Make a frenemies agreement not to let drop private info. Saves friendships and won’t get you tossed into eternal pits of brimstone for breaching confidentiality.  

The Barbarian’s At Your Gate
When someone you know is about to get hired by your company, but shouldn’t be, do you zip it or sound the alarm? Warning the employer can thwart disaster. Probably won’t enhance your relationship with that applicant. Maybe they’ll thank you by suing for defamation. Speak the truth, or it might take a powerful magician to keep you out of court.