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Add Search Options to Improve Your Job Searching Results

Add Search Options to Improve Your Job Searching Results

Target your job search

By the Monster Career Coach
Using to find job postings is fast and simple. Start with our Standard Job Search or try our new Precision Job Search Beta.
In either case, you can add more search options than appear on the main page. Doing so may really improve your search results. Here are some easy ways to target your searches with our additional criteria.
Standard Job Search – Basic
When you call up the homepage, the default Job Search is set to Standard. This gives you three main ways to tell us what kinds of jobs you’re looking for.
First, there’s a white box where you can type in Keywords that every job in your search results should contain. If you’re seeking a nursing position, for example, just enter the word “nurse.”
There’s also a white box that lets you key in location (city, province or postal code). This ensures that the jobs you’re shown will be near the location that you’ve specified.
Finally there’s a little white box that says “Search job title only.” If you click this box a checkmark will appear. Now the keyword(s) you used above have to appear in the title of a job itself in order to be part of your search results.
Standard Job Search – More Search Options
Now look for the little green button with a white arrow in it. Just before it are the words “More Search Options.” Clicking here will reveal a panel that shows six additional search criteria we provide.
You can begin with “This Exact Phrase.” Let’s say that you had typed in “Critical Care Nurse” to the keywords section above. Putting a checkmark in the This Exact Phrase box will give you search results that only contain the words “Critical AND Care AND Nurse” as a single phrase, not each word individually.
Below this is our “Exclude These Words” option. Enter a word here such as “bilingual,” and any Critical Care Nurse job postings that include the word bilingual will not appear in your search results.
Thinking of applying to one particular employer? Enter the name of that organization into the box titled “Company.”
Two other search options are Industries and Occupations. You can choose up to 20 types of industries at a time from our drop down list, and up to 30 occupations too.
Finally there’s “Job Type.” Let us know if you’re seeking full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal or all types of jobs.
Precision Job Search Beta – Basic
Monster’s Precision Job Search finds more job results from the basic search terms that you enter. It also automatically creates matches on related words. Click on “New! Beta” under Job Search on our homepage to try it out.
There are four main search options that are shown immediately. Job Title, Skills/Keywords and Location are similar to what we offer in our Standard Job Search. New in Job Search Beta is a “Radius” option. Select a distance between 8km to 160km from the location you’ve entered, and we make certain your search results only include jobs within this distance from your preferred location.  
Precision Job Search Beta – Advanced Search
For even greater precision, click on Job Search Beta’s “Advanced Search”. A whole range of extra search options appears!
Select the “Total Years Of Experience” each of your job postings should ask for, if you want to focus your results in this way.
Feel free to add multiple Job Titles, Skills/Keywords and Companies by clicking on “Add another…” for each new one you insert.
Do you only want to see job postings from today or yesterday? How about any postings that have appeared in the past 30 or 60 days? “Job Posting Date” gives you the power to view postings from precise time periods.
There’s more. You can sift through the jobs that request a certain “Education Level.” You can select from High School right through to Advanced Degree.
You can also choose the Career Level(s) of postings in your search. Are you Entry Level? Experienced? Managerial? Let us know and we’ll bring you the right jobs.
Focus Brings Better Job Results
When you first start looking for jobs postings on, it makes sense to start with a broader search. User fewer options so that you see a greater variety of available positions.
Then start drilling down to meet your specific needs. Pick additional search options that match your ideal job. By narrowing your focus a step or two at a time, you’re more likely to find the opportunities that are right up your alley.

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