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Apps That Will Simplify Your Worklife

 Apps That Will Simplify Your Worklife


By Mark Swartz
Monster Contributing Writer

Crazy hectic times call for crazy hectic apps. This call is being answered by smartphone programs that organize your worklife.
Scheduling your doings. Managing meetings. Delaying the sending and receiving of emails. Tracking daily activities and alerting you when you’re being unproductive. All of these can be accomplished for free.
Here are just four of the many apps available for mobile, web and computers. Try them and see if they reduce the chaos of your worklife.
RescueTime (
Distractions and possibilities litter your digital day. It's easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.
The app runs securely in the background on your mobile devices and computer. It tracks time spent using programs and visiting websites. What you get is an accurate – and possibly unsettling – picture of your day.
How much time did you spend on email? In meetings? Downloading the good stuff from that nsfw (not safe for work) site? Set alerts to let you know when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on an activity. Balance your schedule accordingly and automatically block distracting websites during productivity periods.  
RescueTime gives you detailed reports on a daily or weekly basis. Essentially it’s a tool for being more intentional about how you devote your time and efforts.
The Lite version is free, providing you with a breakdown of your day. Upgrading to Premium allows for tracking time offline, block websites and receive alerts, as well as several other features.
Worklife (
WorkLife is a web and mobile app that helps you run highly productive meetings. It automates best practices – setting and sharing agendas, driving towards decisions and action items, circulating meeting summaries — to help your team get more done faster.
With the app’s collaborative, real-time note taking, everyone is literally on the same page, creating a shared record of the meeting. Everyone leaves with a similar understanding of what was decided and next steps.
To increase mobility, WorkLife syncs with Google Calendar. Other syncs are coming soon. Your meeting schedule is always up to date. Add agendas and notes to any meeting in a single click.
WorkLife is currently free for everyone during the beta period. They will introduce paid premium plans in the future that include advanced features and integrations.
Boomerang for Gmail (
Send and receive a lot e-mails, do you? With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent at the right time.
Create messages as you normally would. Then click the Send Later button. Use the handy calendar picker or text box that understands language like "next Monday" to tell it when to send your message.
Following up is a breeze. You can select to be reminded if nobody replies, or regardless. This way you won't let messages slip through the crack.  
For a cleaner inbox, use Boomerang to take messages out until you actually need them. They’ll be archived. At the time you choose, they will reappear in your inbox. Have them marked unread, starred or even at the top of your message list.
The free version gives you 10 message credits per month. Paid versions allow for unlimited messages and more features.
Cozi (
What if you have a demanding job and a busy family life. Cozi is a shared calendar for all of you. It helps to manage and coordinate activities.
You and your family can input activities and appointments. Details can be privately accessed at any time. No more missing important events. Gone are embarrassing double-bookings.
Create and share grocery lists, to-dos and chores in real time. Retrieve and update from any mobile device or computer. Cozi can sync with calendars like Outlook and Google.  
The standard version is a free app and website. Go premium for no ads and exclusive features.
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