Barista Resume Sample & Template

Whether you're looking for a full or part-time job, consider a barista position. If you've ever gone to a coffee shop, you've worked with a barista. In this job, you will serve up delicious beverages, multi-task, and work well with people. In general, this is an entry-level position and doesn't require special education or experience.

When you're putting together a resume for a barista position, make sure that you have all relevant information together. Make sure that you show your experience working with people and keeping multiple projects going at once. Any serving experience you have is also beneficial on your resume. Make sure that you add information that is relevant to the position. If you're applying for a barista position, you don't need to include information about your experience doing graphic art. While this may be an interesting fact about you, it won't do much to help you get the job.

Common Mistakes for Barista Resumes

One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting together a barista resume is leaving out volunteer experience. Experience, especially for an entry-level position, doesn't necessarily have to be for a paying job. Volunteer experience shows that you are able to work in groups and can get projects done.

Make sure that you check the grammar and spelling on your resume for a barista job. If you are using specific coffee terms, it's important to use them properly and spell them correctly. In addition, don't use terms you don't know. If you understand what a latte actually is, feel free to say that. However, if you really don't have the knowledge, don't try to make yourself sound more knowledgeable. This will only hurt you in the long run.

Barista Resume Sample


Thelma Sheppard
3937 Avenue de Port-Royal
Bonaventure, QC
123-456-7890 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
Halifax, NS
Barista | River Coffee Shop
  • Great all customers with fast, personalized bar service
  • Follow all company drink recipes and procedures
  • Maintain inventory by replenishing coffee bean supply
2012 - 2013
Halifax, NS
Cashier | Walmart
  • Serve customers in a friendly and timely manner
  • Manage cash register and handle product inventory
  • Received Employee of the Month Award
2011 - 2012
Halifax, NS
Tutor | Heritage College
  • Offered one-on-one academic help to students
  • Organized homework schedule
  • Proofread and edited homework assignments
2011 - Present
Halifax, NS
Heritage College
Hospitality and Hotel Management
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Expert knowledge of coffee making
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Scheduling & Organization Proficiency

Barista Positions to Consider

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