Legal Q&A - Benefits Missed While On Maternity Leave

Legal Q&A - Benefits Missed While On Maternity Leave

Hi Howard,

I went back to work after one year maternity leave and found out that while I was on maternity leave, the company granted every manager at my level the stock purchase options and I got nothing. When I brought it up with my supervisor, he told me that there is nothing he can do about
the options as it was purely the decision of our CEO. But I know CEO simply approved the list prepared by HR, which shows the name of the people at different qualified level (ie people on director level, VP level, etc. ) Am I out of line to ask for these options? As talking to supervisor didn't get me anywhere, what else can I do to get the fair treatment?

- Y

Dear Y,

Their failure to provide that benefit is a violation of the human rights code, i.e. discrimination based on family status. You could file a complaint to the commission for redress. I am assuming that everyone else received it at your level except for you and the only distinguishing aspect with respect to you is that you were on maternity leave at the time of the grant.

- Howard Levitt


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