Best Jobs For Business Majors

Some of the highest-paying jobs available are for those with a business major. See how much you could make and the job requirements for the best jobs for business majors.

Best Jobs For Business Majors

Getting a degree can open a number of career options. Whether you're new to the business world or you're a seasoned veteran, having a business degree is a great way to find the perfect career. When getting this degree, you learn a number of skills that you simply won't get anywhere else. A business degree can help you improve your position with your current company or find an amazing job elsewhere.

Some of the best jobs around are reserved for those with a business degree. These jobs not only come with several responsibilities, such as running a team, but they come with great salaries, as well. Of course, the overall benefits of a job depend on the company you work with. Take a look at the top career options for those with a business degree.

Best Jobs for Business Majors

Purchasing Manager

What they do: Companies around the world buy products that they use or resell. The person in charge of these purchases is the purchasing manager. From evaluating suppliers to ensuring that products are received, the purchasing manager has a large role in every company. If you're considering jobs for business majors, this is a great start. You'll be required to negotiate with vendors, administer a team, and more.

Any goods used by employees, from the printer to the toner inside of it, are bought by the purchasing manager. It will be your responsibility to determine reasonable prices from a variety of vendors for both durable and nondurable goods. In addition, if your company resells a product, the purchasing manager determines the best vendors for these products, as well. You will work closely with other members of management, as well as the CEO and CFO, to ensure you stay within budget.

Prerequisites: Purchasing managers need to be comfortable working with vendors as well as other employees of the company. Many times this job requires that you have worked with vendors and even have a network of vendors on hand. As with many business-related jobs, this career path requires that you have at least a bachelor's degree in business management, logistics, business administration, or a similar field.

Median salary:C$74,500

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Business Risk Consultant

What they do: When you're wondering "What can I do with a business major?" consider becoming a business risk consultant. As a consultant you will use your expertise in business, finance, and corporate risk to help companies make a number of decisions. You will be expected to analyze and predict statistical data and use that information to help develop policies for companies.

While many business risk consultants work heavily with insurance companies, there are a number of other risks you may be asked to consult on, as well. Some of these may include investment options, personnel decisions, and more.

As a business risk consultant, you will be working with high-level management to make important decisions about the company. You need to have great problem-solving and analytical skills. On top of this, understanding statistical software is a huge plus.

Prerequisites: You need to have a bachelor's degree to get a job as a business risk consultant. Most often, the degree needs to be in business administration, statistics, mathematics, or a similar field. Many positions also require four to six years' experience.

Median salary:C$84,972

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Corporate Travel Manager

What they do: If you're looking for business administration careers that boost you to the next level, check out corporate travel manager jobs. As a corporate travel manager, it is your responsibility to plan and schedule all of the travel for the company’s employees. Most often this position also requires you to travel with upper-level management, such as the CEO.

One of the biggest perqs of this job is the ability to travel. You will be required to offer travel advice, work with both employees of your company as well as the people you book the travel arrangements with, and maintain a meticulous schedule. It's also important to remember that you will be required to work within a budget and ensure that all company travel policies are followed.

Prerequisites: While a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for this position, most companies require that you have a bachelor's degree or higher. The degree should be in business administration, travel, hospitality, or a similar field.

Median salary:C$41,233

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Corporate Controller

What they do: As a company's corporate controller, you will be in charge of the cost accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, financial statements, and more. This is a very technical job that requires a strong understanding of not only business management, but also accounting and mathematics.

Corporate controllers need to have strong analytical minds that can interpret the data given to them. This is an important role in any company and it involves working effectively with the CFO.

Prerequisites: As a corporate controller, you will be required to have at very minimum a bachelor's degree in business administration or accounting. However, a master's degree is preferred for this position. In addition, you must have proven leadership skills and several years' of experience working with company finances.

Median salary:C$87,943

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Payroll Administrator

What they do: If you have a strong background or interest in numbers, consider getting a job as a payroll administrator. This job requires extreme attention to detail. As the payroll administrator for a company, you will be directly responsible for ensuring that everyone in the company gets paid on time. In addition, you may have other responsibilities, such as working with employee benefits. Some of the duties of a payroll administrator include deducting taxes, checking employee hours, and calculating pay increases.

Prerequisites: If you're considering a job as a payroll administrator, you'll need to have strong office skills, such as proficiency in Excel, email, and math. You will need to have at least a bachelor's degree in business, and a minor in accounting is helpful. In addition, for this job you may be required to have several years of experience working in payroll.

Median salary:C$44,934

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