Jobs in Canada With Great Future Outlook

As you're considering your future, make sure you check out these awesome jobs that are going to be in high demand as the years go by.

Jobs in Canada With Great Future Outlook

While there are several fields that are strong today, not all of them are going to be booming in a few years. In fact, some jobs are fading out. However, if you're looking for a career that has a strong presence in the future, you need to look at fields that are growing and don't show that they're leveling off. These jobs are some of the best jobs for the future. Of course, no one can perfectly predict future job trends, but there is a lot of great information out there on the jobs of the future.

In addition to technology-based careers, there are several career paths that are starting to fade in popularity that are the best future jobs in Canada. There is a need for people in these positions, and because they're no longer the hot jobs today, they're going to be in extremely high demand in a few years. Check out the variety of future jobs that you can get today.

Jobs with Great Future

Information Security Analyst

What they do: As an information security analyst, you'll be working with companies to ensure their networks and systems are secure. This is a job that is in high demand today, but is also expected to continue growing over the next several years. More companies are realizing that their information is not as secure as they hoped. Because of breaches in security, companies are hiring information security professionals to help come up with the best and most creative security solutions.

Prerequisites: Generally, a bachelor's degree in computer science, information security, or a related field is required for this position. Depending on the company, you may have to have a master's degree in a computer science field to get the perfect job. Required experience varies significantly, from no experience to several years. It's important to have a working knowledge of the programming languages the company uses, as well as the ability to follow current best practices for information security.

Median salary:C$64,131

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Market Research Analyst

What they do: If you love tracking trends, analyzing data, and figuring out the best approach to sales and marketing, consider a career as a market research analyst. This is one of the best future jobs because markets are always changing. Companies need to stay on top of who is purchasing their products, which products to sell next, and analyzing the best marketing strategies to keep ahead of the competition. These are exactly the duties you will have in this position. You'll need to have a strong understanding of statistics and trends to make it in this fast-paced career.

Prerequisites: As a market research analyst, you'll need to have at least a bachelor's degree in marketing research, marketing, statistics, or a similar field. Understanding of both marketing and statistics is required. In addition, you may need a few years of experience in marketing or other analyst positions. Analytical skills and critical thinking are a huge part of the job and are considered a requirement by many companies.

Median salary:C$49,435

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Construction Manager

What they do: As a construction manager, you'll work with a team to create a wide variety of projects. From residential and commercial properties to roads, schools, and bridges, construction managers coordinate numerous construction projects. Construction managers need to be trained in a variety of skills, such as reading and interpreting plans, hiring, and managing teams. Construction managers work closely with a variety of people, including the workers on their team, electricians, stonemasons, engineers, and architects. Fewer people are working in construction jobs while more buildings and projects are planned every year, making this a great future job.

Prerequisites: In the past, a construction manager didn't need specific education and, in fact, frequently didn't have an advanced degree at all. However, more employers are requiring a bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a similar field. Usually, this position requires several years of experience working in construction positions, as well as proven leadership experience.

Median salary:C$85,901

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What they do:There are many different fields of law and becoming a lawyer takes many years. The number of people going into this field is shrinking every year, and because of this, the job outlook is increasing. Lawyers are needed across all fields, from corporate law to criminal defense. As a lawyer you will be working with a company or an individual to ensure their rights are protected. The specifications of the job depend on the type of law you decide to practice.

Prerequisites:If you're planning to pursue a career in law, you will first need to get an undergraduate pre-law degree, which generally takes four years. From there, you'll have to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and complete law school. A first-level law degree in Canada is a three-year degree. After completing your education, you need to pass the Bar Admission Course and complete the required Articling programme for your province.

Median salary:C$72,479

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What they do:When considering jobs of the future, too many people forget about teachers. Fewer people are interested in becoming teachers than ever before and because of this many areas are already struggling to find enough educators for the number of students. Future job trends put teaching in a high position. There will always be more students, but there are a limited number of teachers. As a teacher, you will educate children in a variety of subjects. The subjects you teach will vary depending on your expertise and education and the position and location of the job. There is a high demand for both elementary and high school teachers around the country.

Prerequisites:To become a teacher, you will need to have a bachelor's degree in education. In addition, you'll have to have a provincial teacher's certificate. You may be required to have ongoing education throughout your employment, as well.

Median salary:Elementary school teacher - C$50,842; high school teacher - C$54,467

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