Best Jobs For Introverts in Canada

Between team meetings, lunches with clients, and regular phone calls, it can seem overwhelming for an introvert to find a job that doesn't require these common tasks.

Best Jobs For Introverts in Canada

There are a lot of jobs that seem to cater to those with extroverted personalities, such as those in sales, communications management, and executive positions. While introverts might find success in these roles, they probably won't feel as fulfilled or excited as they would in other positions that don't require as much interaction with people. In the past, it was tough to find a position that didn't require face time with the boss and/or customers, but as telecommuting and remote work become more commonplace, it is getting easier for an introvert to find his or her dream job.

An introverted personality certainly doesn't equal a poor work ethic or an inability to get things done, but instead indicates that one thrives with fewer outside distractions and in situations that do not require constant interaction. Additionally, many introverts seek positions in which they can work in peace and quiet, since this is the environment in which their minds can come up with more creative ideas.

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Animal Jobs

What they do: Working with animals often requires less interaction with people and more interaction with furry creatures. Opportunities for jobs for introverts include those in animal shelters, veterinarian offices, and pet stores. Some jobs in these locations will involve more interaction with customers and/or patients, but you can look for positions that focus on animal care; for example, working in an operating room of a vet's office, or with ill animals that aren't up for adoption in a shelter setting.

Prerequisites: Different animal jobs each have their own sets of prerequisites. For example, working as a vet tech requires completion of a certification program, while animal shelter jobs don't typically require previous experience. Much of the training is offered on the job, although some government-run shelters require a background check.

Median Salary: A vet tech earns a median salary of C$16.81 per hour, while an animal care provider earns around C$12.00 per hour.

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Social Media Jobs

What they do: While an introvert tends to work best in a solo setting, that doesn't necessarily mean that he or she doesn't want to interact with people. Email, instant messaging, and social media are often the preferred methods of communication for introverts, so working in the social media industry can bring great success. On top of communicating via social media, this role often includes developing marketing strategies that will attract and retain followers while building brands. In this role, a staff member might also develop a schedule for producing and sending out content to followers and potential customers, which should align with the company's overall marketing goals.

Prerequisites: Most social media manager jobs require completion of a bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or other similar field. Experience is also useful, although some employers accept personal accounts and regular usage as experience.

Median Salary: The annual median salary for a social media manager is C$44,190.

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Court Reporter

What they do: A court reporter, or court recorder, typically records and transcribes various legal proceedings, including legislative assemblies, court cases, and committees. After recording and transcribing the events, someone in this role will then prepare a report, along with statistics and correspondence, that is used in the legal file. It is a good fit for an introvert because, in this position, an employee typically doesn't have to engage in a lot of interaction with other people. While he or she will be around quite a few people in the position, the job duties don't require much one-on-one interaction and instead focus more on compiling and transcribing data.

Prerequisites:Some court reporter positions require experience in the industry, but many are available to those who meet a basic set of requirements, such as a specific typing speed and good organizational and computer skills.

Median Salary: For a court reporter, the median salary across Canada is C$40,500 per year.

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Medical Records Clerk

What they do:Within medical facilities such as hospitals, physician’s offices, surgical centres, rehabilitation facilities, and other similar locations, healthcare providers and staff must keep careful records on patients' medical conditions, histories, and treatment plans. These records must be maintained and stored securely to ensure patient privacy and compliance with laws. Medical records clerks aid in processing, storing, filing, and retrieving records. Because these positions tend to require people to spend a lot of time in records rooms, medical records clerks don't have a lot of interaction with other staff members, making this a good job for shy people or those with introverted personalities.

Prerequisites: Working as a medical records clerk generally doesn't require completion of any specific educational programs, although experience is often beneficial. Those working in the medical field must understand the legal requirements of patient privacy and confidentiality, because a mistake could lead to serious consequences.

Median Salary: A medical records clerk earns a median salary of C$42,500 per year.

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Graphic Designer

What they do: A graphic design job is a great fit for an introvert, because it involves working on a computer, often in a solo setting, using creative skills and coming up with visually appealing concepts. While a graphic designer typically does interact with others (team members, clients, etc.), he or she can often do so via email, instant messaging, or other method of communication that doesn't have to be done in person. The job entails creating designs for printed and digital marketing campaigns, logos, and other visual components of an organization.

Prerequisites: Most graphic design positions require the completion of a bachelor's degree, although experience may replace the educational requirement in some cases. A strong portfolio and experience in the Adobe Creative Suite and other similar programs are also must-haves when applying for graphic designer jobs.

Median Salary: A graphic designer in Canada earns a median annual salary of C$38,500.

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