Best Paying Jobs for Accounting Majors

Accounting jobs involve much more than just the pencil-pushing tasks most people believe this position entails.

Best Paying Jobs for Accounting Majors

As you're considering what to do with your degree, it is important to know there are many options for you if you have an education in accounting. While bookkeepers and accounting clerks may not make as much money, there are numerous amazing opportunities for those who are great with numbers. In fact, many jobs for accountants pay $95,000 or more a year. Check out some of the top-paying accounting jobs in the marketplace today.

Best paying jobs for accounting majors

Accounting Professor

What they do: If you are interested in teaching, the best accounting jobs for you may be in education. Accounting professors use their knowledge to help others pursue career paths in the field. In addition, as an accounting professor, you may be able to conduct research on some of the best accounting technologies and practices. As an accounting professor, you will work with students, other professors, and professionals in the field.

Prerequisites: To become an accounting professor, you need to earn a PhD in accounting. This takes extreme dedication and many years of schooling. Throughout your education, it is beneficial to get other types of accounting jobs to bolster your resume and show that you understand not only the educational side of accounting, but also the practical application as well.

Median Salary: C$113,934

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Corporate Controller

What they do: If you like tracking, making spreadsheets, and maintaining finances, being a corporate controller may be the best accounting career path for you. In this role, you will help to control a company's budget, prepare taxes, and oversee the financial department. In addition, you will work with the CFO to create the company's financial goals. You may have significant say in the computer and analysis systems used throughout the company for financial purposes.

Prerequisites: You will need a master's degree to become a corporate controller in most companies; however, some companies will accept a bachelor's degree. Either way, you need to have proven experience in working with a company's finances. You need to have several areas of knowledge, including the ability to keep up with financial laws that may affect the company. On top of this, since you will be working directly with several other people in the company, good interpersonal communication skills are a must.

Median Salary: C$87,438

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Information Technology Accountants

What they do: Those who have experience in and a solid understanding of both accounting and information technology should pursue careers as information technology accountants. In this position, you will work with a company to monitor the information technology systems used by its technology department, so you will need to know the systems inside and out. Your education in accounting will allow you to understand when there is a problem with the system being used.

Prerequisites: A bachelor's degree in either accounting or information technology is beneficial for this job. For some jobs, you may be required to have an education or experience in both fields. Three or more years of experience in either information technology or accounting are generally required in addition to your degree. Pursuing a career path as an information technology accountant allows you to see several sides of a business and to work in multiple fields at once, giving you the most experience for your time.

Median Salary: C$69,348

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chief financial officerChief Financial Officer (CFO)

What they do: As a chief financial officer, you will oversee and direct the finances of an organization or business. You will be in charge of not only annual finances but also the company's long-term budgets and goals. Chief financial officers are in charge of developing and/or implementing systems the company uses for accounting and budgeting. Managers throughout the accounting department and other areas of the company report to the chief financial officer.

Prerequisites: Getting a job as a chief financial officer requires extensive experience and education. While you may only be required to have a bachelor's degree for the position, you also need to show you have experience. You will need to be able to lead a team, as well as keep a company's finances in order. Unfortunately, this is not a job you generally acquire right out of college. Instead, you will need to work your way up to the role of chief financial officer. However, for many people, this is the best accounting career path out there.

Median Salary: C$131,604

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Cost Accountant Manager

What they do: Directing and preparing the cost accounting activities of the company is what occupies a cost accountant manager on a daily basis. You will be required to interpret cost audits, manage the company's audits, oversee cost control systems, and create reports for the CFO and other members of top management. It is crucial you understand not only the company's finances but also various financial systems. Creativity is expected of those who hold this job, because you will need to come up with solutions for financial problems.

Prerequisites: For most companies, a bachelor's degree and at least seven years of experience are required for this position. In some cases, you may be required to have a master's degree as well. You need to show you understand the auditing process from all angles. As a cost accountant manager, you will work with the accounting department, as well as top management, to safeguard the company's financial security. You need to have leadership experience as well as accounting experience, since you will be in charge of a cost accounting team.

As you are looking for the best accounting jobs, keep in mind that most of the top-paying career paths for accountants call for not only an advanced degree but also extensive experience. These jobs require that you be dependable, great with numbers, and able to work well with others in the company to secure the future of the business.

Median Salary: C$53,824

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