Utilize your resume to enforce your brand!

Bring your story to life and become the perfect candidate!

Utilize your resume to enforce your brand!


By Katie O 'Dell
Communications Consultant



What draws readers to follow a comic book series is the story of the superhero. Yes, Superman has great adventures battling it out with Lex Luthor but what we really want to know is whether Clark Kent gets to kiss Lois Lane and save the day.



Looking for a job is no different. Employers want to know how you have landed in the chair in front of them (why are you interested in the job and what your experience is) and how you see yourself growing in the position.
You, like a superhero, have a brand. It probably doesn’t include you wearing a cape but it does include every Tweet and Facebook post you make. Employers use Google as a background check, so look at your social media posts, are you showing the image you want to employers, and for the things you don’t want seen - use your privacy settings.

Utilize your resume to enforce your brand and to tell your story. Tell employers what you are passionate about, where you have succeeded in the past and what you want to do in the future. Through your resume, show your prospective employer that you have what it takes to work for them and that you want the job.
Even though we don’t fly or scale the sides of buildings, we all have a story to tell. Create your customized brand and story and show employers that you are the right person to hire.

Employers want to know your quest, what is your passion. Bring your story to life and sell yourself as the perfect candidate!

Good luck!