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Salary Calculator - Know What You're Worth

Salary Calculator - Know What You're Worth

Wondering what a certain type of job pays in Canada?

No need to spend hours trying to Google the info, which you’ll likely draw a blank on anyway.
Instead go right to the source: Monster’s Salary Wizard Canada®. This handy salary calculator lets you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
For each position you select, you’ll get a brief job description plus details about pay and bonuses. Here’s how to use this free service so that your results are optimal.

1. Select a job category. There are more than 50 to choose from. They range from Accounting, to Marketing, to Transportation and Warehousing to name a few.

2. Provide a location. You can either use a postal code to indicate a region you want the Salary Wizard to focus on, or else the dropdown list lets you pick a province along with a major city. Salary Wizard results are geographically adjusted national averages.

3. Select the Job Title closest to yours. Every job category provides a list of related job titles. For best results, read the job description for the title you select to be sure the duties and responsibilities closely match your own.

4. Click the Create Salary Report button. This will create a chart based on the input you’ve provided. It reports the median base salary of this particular job in the selected region. In additional there’s a chart showing bonuses, if applicable.

5. Review and compare. The base salary figure shown also tells you people make at the lower end and upper end of the pay scale for this job. You’ll see figures for the 25th and 75th percentile in terms of regional average. Moreover you can compare this base salary to the national average, to other locations, and to related positions.

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Take a look at our salary calculator for any position you are interested in.

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