Career Quizzes Can Help You Choose Your Path

Use Them Properly And They May Speed Things Up For You

Career Quizzes Can Help You Choose Your Path

By the Monster Career Coach

While they may not exactly be household names, things like the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Kieresy Temperament Sorter and Strong Interest Inventory are vastly popular when it comes to career related assessments.

The purpose of these quizzes, in general, is to help you learn more about yourself and the types of occupations that might match best with who you are and what’s available in the employment market.

How Can Career Quizzes Help Me?

When you aren’t quite sure what sort of job you should be in, or are wondering if there may be a better career for you out there somewhere in the big wide yonder, a career quiz can aid in pointing you in the right direction. Some of these assessments can also open your eyes to occupations and a variety of jobs that you might otherwise have never considered.

There’s quite a wide range of these career “tests” available (professionals who help people with their careers prefer to use the word “inventories” or “assessments” when describing these tools).
Some are geared toward helping you better understand your personality, some are focused on measuring your skills or interests in specific types of activities. Others of these quizzes may test your knowledge, either broadly or in special areas.

There’s No Crystal Ball

The more established assessment tools are available only through trained professionals who are certified in interpreting the results. These professionals will explain to you that test results alone can’t tell you what to do with your life. At best, these tools can give you a clearer picture of your strengths, gaps and possible prospects when it comes to making career decisions. They can be a great starting point so that you don’t spin your wheels unnecessarily.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely exclusively on any of the free online quizzes that are available all over the Web these days. If you were to interpret the results yourself and make an error, or use a test that hasn’t been statistically validated, you might well reach the wrong conclusion and launch yourself on a path that gets you into difficulty instead of improving your situation.

Curious About Quizzes?

If you’d really like to try out some career quizzes without the expense of going through a certified practitioner, the Government of Canada has a website with a number of free career questionnaires available. You can take a test about your work preferences, abilities, work values, learning style, and more. Most of these quizzes make an attempt to match your results to different types of careers or occupations you might think about.

But keep in mind that they’re merely an interesting beginning point in the overall assessment process. If you really need guidance with a career issue or choice of occupations, you should seek out a career specialist and work together in your best interests.