Career Risks Only Numbskulls Would Take

Career Risks Only Numbskulls Would Take

Zapping your comfort zone to grow is fine. Just make sure you don’t cross the line.

Want to commit career hari-kari, sans gut-ripping wound? Not a problem. Vocational self-immolation comes in lots of tasty flavours. 
Claim a fake degree on the resume. Blackmail your boss with incriminating photos. Keep ignoring the employer’s chain of command.

No ceremonial dagger needed for these kinds of risks. They’ll pierce your progress just as sharply.

Show Up Your Boss To Score Points
One approach to get ahead is to always paint others as losers. Flaunt your superiority with Einsteinian ideas. Be first in and last out daily. Never balk at making colleagues and juniors look slothful.

Watch out for humiliating the boss though. Like correcting them in public. Leaving their name off highly visible projects. Not thanking them if you win praise or an award. You might stand out for a moment, till the scythe lops off your swollen head.

Inflate Your Salary When Job Hunting
Who doesn’t want to earn gobs more when moving to a new employer? So if they ask about your current salary (most won’t), you inflate it by 20%. Or 100%. Depends how gullible you rate them.

Three possible dangers here. One is they ask for proof. Bring us a paystub. While you can’t be forced to, not producing it is mucho sketchy. Or they hire you at the higher pay, but now you can’t hack the job demands. Third risk is they somehow find out you lied. That could get you fired on the spot

Dating A Subordinate 
You know you want to. Making mutual goo goo eyes. Body parts are bulging at the mere thought. You wink, they nod. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s like swiping right on OK Stupid. Maybe a sexual harassment complaint if the underling feels put upon. Or you date them and get accused of showing favouritism. A vicious office breakup puts The Walking Dead to shame for brutality.

Accepting An Offer Based On Promises
This is the dream job. Pays profusely, title’s impressive, duties are a delight. The handful of people you meet while interviewing treat you like a YouTube sensation. Agreeing to the offer would take a barbell of weight off your shoulders.

No need to get it in writing first; it’d just bog down the flow, and hint you don’t trust ‘em. Also, why waste time doing due diligence? Rather be blissfully onboarding. It’s not like employers ever lie, reneg, or shine you on, eh? 

Other Outrageous Risks
People have a habit of downplaying perils. Pilfering a buck or two from the register won’t register. Your boss will be forgiving when you storm in screaming “Take this job and shove it!” 

Taking measured risks is part of moving a career upward. Taking a sword to your progress isn't.