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Caregiver Resume Sample & Template

Caregiver Resume Sample & Template

A job as a caregiver entails a lot of different positions. Because of this, there are several different things you should consider when thinking about applying for a caregiver position. Caregivers are generally in charge of helping either children or the elderly get through their days. Your duties could include feeding, changing diapers, playing, running errands, and more. There are caregiver positions that are considered private positions, which are offered through an individual or family. There are also caregiver jobs that are offered through companies, such as hospice care centres or nursing homes.

When you're putting together a resume for a caregiver position, make sure that you take a look at the requirements. If you don't have the education or skills required, you can still apply for the job, but it's important to remember that without the right education you simply may be at the bottom of the pile of resumes. This is especially true for care centres. Families who are hiring a caregiver may not be as strict about their requirements. Many caregiver positions require that you have first aid training. In addition, they may require that you either be attending school in a relevant education field, or that you have already finished your college education.


Common Mistakes for Caregiver Resumes


Creating the perfect resume is never an easy task. There are many mistakes made by those who are creating their caregiver resume. One of the biggest issues that you may face is ensuring that your resume has all the relevant information you need, but isn't too long. All resumes should be no longer than one page. However, you need to make sure that you also get across the experience and knowledge you have. This can be a difficult balancing act. Ensuring your resume is short, however, helps hiring managers put you at the top of the list.

Don't leave out any education or certifications you have earned that will help you perform your caregiver duties. The more you can show that you have the credentials to give proper care, the more likely you are to get the job. For example, while you may not think it's a big deal to have a first aid certification, make sure you add this to your resume. This shows that you're able to help if there is a crisis in the home or centre. In addition, many caregiver jobs require you to have this certification.


Caregiver Resume Sample


Tyson Davis
907 10th Avenue
Calgary, AB
123-456-7890 |

Work Experience
2013 - Present
Calgary, AB
In-Home Caregiver | Care At Home
  • Clean and maintain the home
  • Do all shopping, errands, and assistance with travel
  • Feed, bath, and assist elderly woman with disabilities
2010 - 2013
Calgary, AB
Daycare Worker | FunSchool
  • Cared for children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years
  • Cleaned and maintained daycare area, including play area, food prep, and eating areas
  • Filled out daily and weekly activity report for parents and staff
2008 - 2010
Calgary, AB
Nanny | Johnson Family
  • Maintained healthy and safe environment for children
  • Saw to the care, food, and entertainment of children
  • Performed light housekeeping and cleaning
2006 - 2010
Calgary, AB
Calgary High School
HS Diploma
Additional Skills & Interest
  • First aid certification
  • Clean and organized
  • Good with young children
  • Extensive cooking experience
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel

Caregiver Positions to Consider

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