Dance Resume Sample & Template

Professional dancers must audition for jobs, but a stellar resume can help you stand out from the list of other applicants. Dancers typically work for dance companies and must learn complex dance movements with their instructors and fellow dancers before performing in a production. They spend several hours each day rehearsing and must always be open to studying new and emerging dance choreographies and types of dance. Professional dancers must also attend promotional events, including photography sessions, to promote the production in which they will be appearing.

A professional dance resume is different from a traditional resume in that it is meant to provide information about your dance skills, accomplishments, and overall experience. Casting directors, dance studio owners, dance school committees, and choreographers typically require resumes before holding auditions to gauge a dancer's suitability for the program or job. As such, the structure and format of a dance resume are typically different than a standard professional resume, and completing it will require plenty of brainstorming to produce an extensive list of past performances and recognitions.


Common Mistakes for Dance Resumes


Failing to leave out any honours or union memberships is a common mistake found on dance resumes. Even if your only experience was a stint as dance captain of the cheerleading squad in high school, it's relevant information to employers looking to hire dancers. Since dance training typically begins at such a young age, don't be afraid to bring up past accomplishments and performances that are relevant to the position to which you are applying.

Some dancers fail to tailor their resumes to the specific dance position. This is a huge mistake, as you want to focus on relevant training and performances to make yourself more marketable. Rather than creating a generic resume and handing it out to numerous dance companies, tailor each one to the specific position. For instance, if you're applying for a ballet position, don't focus on your hip hop experiences.

Including personal information such as height and weight is considered a no-no in traditional resumes, but it's generally a must in dance resumes because some dance employers have limitations owing to the size of their costumes. While some sources will say to include other information, such as your eye color and hair color, few directors find this information useful, so it's best to leave it out. Including a small professional photograph of yourself on your dance resume is a better alternative.


Dance Resume Sample


Sylvie Dandst
8 Nimble street
Toronto, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2010 - Present
Toronto, ON
Dance Instructor | The Ballet Company
  • Instruct dance students ages 7 through 17 in proper ballet techniques
  • Prepare progressive lesson plans that enhance the experience of participants
  • Accurately complete all administrative duties related to dance classes
2004 - 2010
Toronto, ON
Dancer | XYZ Troupe
  • Performed as the Baroness in the company production of "Swan Lake"
  • Performed classical routines across productions where singing and acting are required
  • Collaborated with choreographers to modify and refine dance steps
2001 - 2004
Toronto, ON
Dancer | Stage Set Co.
  • Served as understudy to the lead dancer in the company production of "Giselle"
  • Trained in various rudimentary dance moves to master choreography basics
  • Responsible for acquiring props and costumes for multiple performances
1997 - 2001
Toronto, ON
Ryerson Theatre School
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Team player with a warm personality
  • Fluency in English and French
  • Expert knowledge of ballet and contemporary dance
  • Excellent communication skills

Dance Positions to Consider

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