Describing Present Position

Describing Present Position

Hello Martin,

I am about to rewrite my resume, except one problemo! I have no idea how to describe my present position. I literally do just about everything. I have three official titles; Executive assistant, Director of Marketing & Sales and Office Manager and Sales coordinator. The three titles cover everything from rental collection, banking, rewriting menus, trouble shooting for one of our restaurants, event coordinating, articling, customer service, sales....the list goes on. Any advice would be great. 

Thank you,



Hi Vanessa:

Focus on your accomplishments. Sound like you are a 'Jack of all trades?' Where do you want to go?

I would suggest you complete some brainstorming with some friends or a Career Coach to define your direction, then aim your resume around those goals.

- Martin Buckland

Martin Buckland is a Professional Career Management Expert with offices in Canada and the U.S. President of Elite Resumes, he is certified in resume writing, executive & career coaching, job search strategies, personal branding and interview coaching. For more information on his services, visit or call 1-866-773-7863.