Do You Hinder of Help your Company's Brand?

Do You Hinder of Help your Company's Brand?

By Amy Casson

Monster's Personal Career Branding Expert

Brand Enhancer, Detractor or Adolescent: Which One Are You?

When it comes to branding, most businesses focus on enhancing the brand of their products and services – spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars developing their product’s packaging, advertising campaign and public relations strategy. Building a product’s brand is important. After all, the way a product is positioned in the marketplace increases sales and enhances a company’s success. But when it comes to corporate branding, there is one crucial element to overall corporate brand success – you.

Your image (the way you appear, behave and communicate) plays a vital role in enhancing a company’s overall branding strategy. So, are you a brand enhancer, detractor or adolescent? In other words, do you hinder or help your company’s brand?

Brand Enhancer

  • Dresses impeccably, communicates exceptionally and behaves appropriately every day at the office.
  • Creates positive impressions.
  • Believes in the power of personal branding (although she may not use this lingo).
  • Possesses the necessary technical skills to climb the corporate ladder but also understands the importance of possessing the right image in order to make huge leaps up the same ladder.

Brand Detractor

  • Believes she should be judged on performance alone. She believes her image shouldn’t impact her corporate success nor should it impact how a customer perceives the company she represents.
  • Purposely dresses, behaves and communicates the way she wants, with complete disregard for the corporate brand.


Brand Adolescent

  • Naïve about personal and corporate branding. She has no idea how to express her personal brand and the corporate brand through the way she appears, behaves and communicates.

If you are a detractor you have to ask yourself if you working for the right company. Most detractors are unhappy with their role, the company or their supervisors. Supporting your company’s brand is not about compromising your own personal brand for the company’s gain. It’s not about creating a fake image. Personal branding is about defining your unique value proposition and then working for an organization that supports and values your unique qualities.

If you are a brand adolescent – you enjoy your work, the company and your supervisors – you need to uncover your unique value proposition (your passions, strengths, goals, purpose) and discover how you can communicate them through your image.

The key to career success is to find a balance between your personal brand, the brand of the organization and your image.


Interested in improving your personal brand and/or your image? Contact me at I will send you a personal branding survey for you to distribute to your co-workers, supervisors, peers and customers. Ask 10-20 people for their honest feedback on your appearance, behaviour and communication skills. The feedback will tell you how others perceive you and this information is key to making any image improvements.