Examples of Resume Objectives

Examples of Resume Objectives


Stating Your General Objective

I would like a job where I can use my ability to __________ which will result in ______________.

The objective in this statement is both a skill and an outcome. For example, you might state:

I would like a job where my experience in program development, supported by innovative decision-making and systems engineering abilities, will result in an expanded clientele and a more profitable organization.

At a second level you may wish to rewrite this objective in order to target it at various consulting firms. For example, on your resume it becomes a Job-Targeted Objective:

An increasingly responsible research position in consulting, where proven decision-making and system engineering abilities will be used for improving organizational productivity.

The following are examples of weak and strong objective statements. Various styles are also presented:

Weak Objectives

  • Management position which will use business administration degree and will provide opportunities for rapid advancement.
  • A position in social services which will allow me to work with people in a helping capacity.
  • A position in Personnel Administration with a progressive firm.
  • Sales Representative with opportunity for advancement.

Stronger Objectives

  • To use computer science training in software development for designing and implementing operating systems.
  • A public-relations position which will maximize opportunities to develop and implement programs, to organize people and events, and to communicate positive ideas and images. Effective in public speaking and in managing a publicity/promotional campaign.
  • A position as a General Sales Representative with a pharmaceutical house which will use chemistry background and ability to work on a self-directed basis in managing a marketing territory.
  • A position in data analysis where skills in mathematics, computer programming and deductive reasoning will contribute to new systems development.
  • Responsible position in investment research and analysis. Interests and skills include securities analysis, financial planning, and portfolio management. Long range goal: to become a Certified Financial Planner.
  • It is important to relate your objective to your audience. While you definitely want a good job, your audience wants to know what you can do for them. Remember, your objective should be work-centered, not self-centered.

Excerpt from From Army Green to Corporate Gray by Carl S. Savino, Major USAR and Ron Krannich, Ph.D. Copyright - Impact Publications. Reproduced with permission from Impact Publications.