Cheryl Stein on Finding Your Inner Rock Star

Cheryl Stein on Finding Your Inner Rock Star

´╗┐By Cheryl Stein
Monster Personal Coach

So many of us struggle our whole lives to fit inside a box. We think that we should be a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant because traditionally, that is what our mothers made us feel we should be. But what if your heart is screaming for you to be something else? No matter how much you try to study, and fit into that mold, your inner voice is telling you that music needs to be your life.

Jeremy Stern has his M.B.A. He worked for his family’s real estate business, owned a copy center, did project management for a bunch of tech companies and even worked as operations director for a fundraising company. Each time he would get a new job, he would start out with energy and ideas and slowly lose momentum. Climbing up the corporate ladder was just something that he could never do but as the father of two kids, he didn’t feel like he had a choice but to keep trying.

In 2005, after an absolutely unsavory job experience, Jeremy decided to get some coaching. He was 42 years old, and felt that the time was right to figure out a way to live the rest of his life in a way that made sense for him. He told his coach that he felt that he was hanging on by a thread and if he didn’t make some changes, he knew that he would regret it forever. He knew that being a professional musician wouldn’t pay the bills and wanted to figure out a way to make the music industry the way that he would make a living. He tossed around the idea of opening a music store but was worried that he couldn’t compete with the already established music stores in the city. Basically, he was stuck. Or was he?

Through coaching, Jeremy realized that although he couldn’t compete in the existing music store market, he could create a new market for boutique music gear. He decided that he would seek out handmade or obscure guitars, amplifiers, basses and effects and be one of the only guys in Canada to sell this equipment. This sector of the music market was taking off like crazy in the United States, but hadn’t been filled in Quebec, a place with a very strong music community.

With the support of his wife, and the proceeds from the sale of his condo in Old Montreal, Jeremy took the plunge and opened up Boutique Tone in September of 2006. The Montreal music market has not been the same since, and neither has Jeremy.

“I wake up every morning and can’t believe that what I do for a living is to hang around a store and talk to people about music all day” says Stern. His store has become a place where people from all over the world flock to buy his specialty stock.

Not everyone is cut out to start their own business but everyone owes it to themselves to figure out a way to make their dreams part of their lives. Are you listening to your inner rock star?

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