Great Boss Stories

Great Boss Stories


Starting out in my field as a new immigrant to Canada was a bummer. Fortunately for me, my first survival job landed me a great boss - Lois.

I worked as a cashier at a pharmacy and being fully aware of my qualifications and professional experience, Lois constantly reminded me of how pleased she was with my work but always encouraged me to head back into my field.

After about four months, I was offered a position with another organization. She never hesitated to provide a reference and even gave me her home numberso we could keep in touch.

It has been three years and we still keep the lines of communication open.  I'm happy my initiation was under her guidance. Supportive, kind, understanding, honest, selfless, pleasant, thoughtful, encouraging...I could go on and on and on!

Thanks Lois. You gave me a great yardstick by which to measure the qualities of a great boss. My gratitude to you always.

And thanks Monster for allowing me the opportunity to share my story.

- Anne


On the topic of the best boss, has to be my previous employer - Joan H.

Not only did she give me my very first shot at technical support in the corporate world, she also made sure that obstacles were overcome by providing the tools and training to get the job done.

Joan is a very planned and firm-minded individual. She doesn't like to jump in a project before knowing what's at stake. Budgets for projects are quite often met with room to spare.

Her expectations of me and other employees we're at time quite high, however this made for highly rewarding successes in the end.

Mario, Ottawa


I have the pleasure to work for a manager who is a great leader, very supportive, provides me with the tools to do the job but is also there to mentor when required. In my opinion my boss is a model for other bosses, he demonstrates great leadership skills which I try and model every chance I get. I've had the pleasure to meet other managers that have worked for my present boss, they share my opinion and supports it ten fold. I've taken many manager courses that involved role playing, watching videos of the best ways to handle conflict, etc. but there is no doubt in my mind I have the best example in my boss. Unfortunately ours paths will probably go in different directions next year but I will always reflect on how my boss has dealt with different situation which I will bring with me.

Norman H, Hornepayne, Ontario


Great Bosses inspire you to want to do a great job. My great boss is Francine L, a District Manager for a large chain. Francine sets out clear expectations and holds you accountable to those expectations. Francine has a positive and caring personality that reflects her quest for creating and maintaining one of the best districts in the company. I have moved on from that job, but I have taken with me an excellent role model for leading a group of individuals in a quest for retail success.



I have had many jobs over the years, but one boss always stands out. He's the type of boss that knows the long term company goals, but wants to make sure you have personal goals, and somewhere down the line they meet. He wants you to better yourself and honestly tells you where you stand with the company. He is genuine and cares about you as person, but doesn't lose sight of his professional manner or company goals. He was recognized last year by the AHL for his outstanding work (the Ken Mckenzie award) and they couldn't of chosen a better recepient for the award. He's a great leader and over the years he has grown into an amazing boss his name is Brian L. 

LauraLeigh, Hamilton