Why Creativity Is The New Productivity

Why Creativity Is The New Productivity

By Monster Career Coach


“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein


We live in a post Steve Jobs world.  There is a secret that the top companies know all too well; creativity is the engine of big time success.  And success is based on ideas first.  But in order to have ideas you have to “have” them.  That’s why in head offices from Silicon Valley to New York City, from flagship companies like:  Lego, Google, and Apple, you have bright colors, slides to get to the lunch room from the second floor, and a space and culture for personal creativity.  This is the good side of the evolutionary process of capitalism, adapt or die. 

So what can the average  employee do to encourage creativity in themselves and their work environment today? It’s a good question and here are three easy starters that you can implement now in your life and begin to harness your creativity.


  1. Increase neuropathways

Routine is the killer of creativity and now we have science to back up this claim. Routine means the same old thing every day. Why this is so detrimental is because our brains form neuropathways to adapt to new situations leading to new ideas, new thoughts, and yes, new solutions.   We stifle this process with routine. So when you go to work, even mixing up the way you enter the building you go to, where you park, what you do in the office can forge new thought patterns in your brain. It sounds simple but it can make a world of difference. Ever wonder why creative people need long walks, now you know.


  1. Spice up the office

Creative people are acutely aware of the sponge process of life.  This also has a scientific basis to it.  We as social animals unconsciously entrain with and mimic the surrounding environment we find ourselves in.  This is the reason why, they say you become like the five people you hang out with most, or why on a more abstract level, plants respond to music and positive talk.  Surrounding your office with genius’s art work and writing, and adding color and vibrancy to the workplace is essential in improving the level of creativity. Like attracts like.


     3.  Increase playtime

Creativity has been described as the play of the mind. And companies are beginning to allow more play and downtown for their workers. This is a good thing because thoughts on productivity have evolved in management theory of late and there has been a realization that, the axe to the grindstone mentality doesn’t always work and can even create burn-out, a frequent yet silent epidemic in the corporate world. Instead rediscovering your inner child, through either setting aside moments at work or on your breaks just to play, doodle, and enjoy yourself can boost creativity by leaps and bounds.  A simple five minute break from the anxiety and stress can unleash a plethora of ideas, avenues, and new frontiers, ones that can improve your workplace success and the success of the company you work for.


So from now on don’t just think, think creative!