How To Handle Rejection

Never Take It Personal

How To Handle Rejection
By Katie O Dell
Marketing Specialist

What do Jay-Z, Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates all have in common? They have all failed but picked themselves up, learned from their experience and used their failings to be better.
Rejection is the prerequisite to success and anyone who has had massive success has failed along the way. So how can you deal with failing after a job interview? Rejection and failure are an event, not who you are. Do not take rejection personally. 
There may be a reason why you didn’t get the job, maybe they wanted someone who had four years of experience and you only had two, maybe your experience or skills were not strong enough. When you get the rejection call, ask the employer if you can stay in touch and send them your professional updates. Build a relationship with them. Don’t let failure stop you in your path, use it to propel you. 

 Here are three tips to make your job rejection get you closer to success:
1.   Ask the employer why specifically you weren’t hired. Based on that feedback, change what you need to change in time for your next interview.
2.   Keep challenging yourself with personal goals. Prove it yourself that you can do it.
3.   Write it down. Put pen to paper and write down your goals. Then work on accomplishing them every day.

Look up your mentors; look up Jay-Z, Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates.  Learn about their failures and how the persisted and became a success. 
Your rejection and failure is not your end, it is something to learn from in which eventually with patience and stronger confidence will help you find better!