How to write a resignation letter

Notify your soon-to-be-ex boss using the following template as a guide.

How to write a resignation letter

Our resignation letter sample can help you make your exit.

If you’re going to resign from a job, then it’s a good idea to write a simple but solid resignation letter. This showing of professionalism and appreciation on your way out may very well help you on your way in with a future company. You want to leave them liking you. Who knows when you may need a reference letter from your former boss or possibly want to return to the company? Our resignation letter sample below can help you get started.

Fact is, no matter where you work or your job title, knowing how to write a resignation letter is a smart move. It’s all part of moving on and up, and displaying good exit protocol so you strengthen relationships when you leave without burning any bridges.

Quitting a job can be scary, and while you might be tempted to skip the whole process and even ghost your company—or email a scathing %$#! letter to your bad boss—don’t do it. Follow these steps to leave your job with dignity intact.

Make your resignation letter short and to the point

Regardless of a toxic boss or work culture, a resignation letter is not the avenue to communicate your unvarnished feedback. Less is more when it comes to your words; be short and to the point. No drama, no badmouthing, and no mushy or gushy. This is a formal notification of your exit strategy and will become part of your employee records.

Regardless of the circumstances, stay cool when resigning. Provide your official end date, ideally at least two weeks in advance, and express your commitment to assisting in the transition to someone new.

Keep the content and tone positive

Briefly convey gratitude for the job opportunity, as well as the experience and relationships gained. No need to wax poetic about your time there—if it was so great, you wouldn’t be leaving.

Don’t muddy the waters with why you’re quitting, or where you’re going. And no matter how guilt-ridden you’re feeling about leaving colleagues behind, do not make any promises in writing—like you’re merely a phone call away if there are any issues down the road. A clean break is best.

Break the news face to face

This letter will ideally follow the one-on-one conversation with your boss where you’ll keep the sentiments brief and concise. In this meeting, you may want to share a few more details and possibly be a bit more personal, but keep the criticism and complaints to yourself.

Offer the courtesy of creating a transition plan that lays out how to perform your regular day-to-day duties and responsibilities, along with current projects, upcoming deadlines, and key contacts.

Resignation letter sample

After the meeting, submit your resignation letter which briefly recaps the conversation and stipulates your last day. Use our resignation letter sample to get the job done and move on:

(Current date)

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear (supervisor’s name),

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as (title). My last day of employment will be [end date].

To help make sure that there is a smooth transition for you and the team, I am offering two weeks notice and am happy to assist with any training tasks. All my projects will be up-to-date and thorough instructions will be left for my replacement.

I want to thank you for your support over the course of my employment at (name the company), and greatly appreciate the experience and knowledge I have gained. It have been a pleasure working with you and I will miss everyone here.

I wish you and the company every success in the future and I look forward to staying in touch. You can email me anytime at or call me at 333-333-3333.



(First name and last name)

It’s a good idea to copy the HR department if there’s one at your company. Then put your head down and work hard until the last day. Leaving your job letter-perfect sets your successor up for success and best serves your future.

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