Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Interviewing

Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Interviewing

The Best of Monster.ca' s Interview Tips

By Amanda Frank
Monster Contributing Writer

The interview is the most classic rite of passage to employment. To help you through the angst we’ve assembled the brightest highlights from the Monster.ca repository of interview advice. Everything you need to know is encapsulated in the links on these pages.

Interview Checklists

Don’t risk forgetting a crucial element to your interview and then totally bomb it all for the sorry reason that you have too much on your mind to keep it straight. There’s a checklist for that. Keep these helpful checklists handy to help you focus and prepare for your interview.

Interview Cheat Sheet  
Interview Planner Checklist  
Interview Take-Along Checklist

Interview Advice for New Grads

If you’re new to job prospecting, being put on the spot in an interview can be severely anxiety inducing. Of course it is! You don’t know what to expect, and you might feel doubly inadequate because of your lack of work experience. The best way to deal with sweaty palms and heart palpitations is to confront your fear head on. Apply knowledge directly to your forehead. Navigating the nuances of The Job Interview is an art in etiquette as much as anything else. We map it all out for you nubes to go in confident not cold. Don’t let ignorance, and his ugly cousin nervous anticipation, buckle your chance of getting the job.

Interview Prep for Young People
What to Wear to A Job Interview  
How to Answer Interview Questions as a New Grad  
Different Types of Interviews  
Reference Checking on Facebook  
5 Terrible Things to Say at an Interview (Don’t Say These Things - Ever)  
Top 20 Things Not to Wear to Work  
Interview Questions for Entry-Level Business Developer Position  
Interview Questions for an Entry-Level Customer Service Position  

Interview Advice for the Seasoned Worker

Experienced people arrive at the interview with a lot more baggage to communicate effectively, whether you’re returning to the work force, transitioning between jobs or reinventing yourself. You’re no stranger to the many permutations of the work force. You’ve been around the block so often you think you know it all. Well times change like fashion and there are newfangled ways of recruiting since you and the abacus started working. These articles are geared to bring you up to date on current hiring trends and ways to keep your experience sounding fresh and relevant in today’s market.

Business Casual: The New Dress Code  
Interview Questions (and Answers) After an Extended Leave  
Interview Questions (and Answers) for the Previously Self-Employed  
Interview Questions (and Answers) for Career Changers  
Interview Questions (and Answers) for the Unemployed  

Interview Salary Talk Interlude

The most difficult and dreaded part of the interview is that awkward moment where you are supposed to declare your salary desired or current, doesn’t matter, both can be equally horrifying. Positioning yourself for the salary you want requires a skillful approach and industry information, which you will need to prepare for and call upon during your interview. These articles will help you face the salary negotiation stage and pass with flying colors of money.

Talking About Money at the Interview  
Dealing with Questions about Salary History

Must-Ask Questions For Interviewees

Master every interview by learning how to ask the right questions. Interviewing, like anything involving two entities, is a two-way street, as much as they need to screen you, you also need to determine how compatible you might be with the job, team and work environment. Establishing yourself as a skilled professional and convincing your interviewer that you are curious, engaged and interested can also be conveyed by asking deliberate and strategic questions. Ask forthwith questions to glean insight after an interview that didn’t nail you the job to find out what went wrong, what you can improve next time. Questions are the best way for you to put yourself out there. For an assortment of helpful tips on using questions to steer the interview in your favor, check out these must-read articles.

Six Must-Ask Interview Questions  
Gathering Information At Your Interview: Interviewing the interviewer  
Getting Feedback When You Didn't Get the Job  
Own the Interview: 10 Questions to Ask  

Tough Career Problems

No one said it would be easy, but there are ways to make it less hard. Recruiters aren’t sitting around reinventing the tough questions wheel, and we’ve uncovered them all. Even the weird ones. Read these articles for tips on how to prepare for and work around a tough situation and come out on top.

Handling Job-Hopping Questions  
Tough Interview Questions  
Uncommon Interview Questions  
Interviewers' Pet Peeves  
Size Up a Potential Employer  
Dealing with an Unprofessional Interview  
Interview Questions (and Answers) If You Were Fired From Your Last Job  
What If Your Interview is Tomorrow?  

Hone Your Sell Skills

Since part of your task in the interview involves selling yourself as the right person for the job, and convincing the interviewer that you’re going to get along just great with everybody, well, you better believe it yourself. These articles counsel you on how to tackle tricky personal questions, and mentally pump you up to ace the interview.

Create Interview Rapport  
At "Just for Laughs" Interviewing is No Laughing Matter  
Have Confidence at Your Interview  
Prepare for the Question: Tell Me About Yourself  
Interview Question: What Are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?  
Interviews Are Like First Dates  
Pushing an Employer for the Job Offer