Is Your Resume Ready?

Is Your Resume Ready?

By Martin Buckland

A resume should be ready at all times and constantly updated. Is yours?

Even if you are currently employed, it’s still important to keep your resume updated. Be sure to add responsibility changes and accomplishments as they are completed. I recommend to my clients to keep a brag book at home. When you have achieved something tangible, received a testimonial, won an award, note it down in this book. This makes updating your resume a lot easier to do every six months or so. A brag book also serves a great purpose as it is available instantly if your services are no longer required at your current job.

Many people call me asking if I can write their resume by tomorrow as it’s required by a recruiter. I can rarely accommodate these requests and neither can my colleagues. A well-written resume takes hours to prepare!

A current resume also allows you to instantly act on other positions that become available either internally or externally. It puts you way ahead of the competition as few people keep their resumes updated.

In today’s uncertain times, your services could be terminated on a whim as a result of acquisitions, mergers, downsizing, or budget cuts.  If these are the causes for a new job search, the stress attached to writing a resume could be alleviated, and your job search can proceed almost immediately.

Is your resume format and content updated? If not, start now!


Martin Buckland is a Professional Career Management Expert with offices in Canada and the U.S. President of Elite Resumes, he is certified in resume writing, executive & career coaching, job search strategies, personal branding and interview coaching. For more information on his services, visit or call 1-866-773-7863.