IT Resume Sample & Template

IT Resume Sample & Template

Information technology is a rapidly evolving and expanding field. There are positions for IT professionals today that didn't even exist ten or twenty years ago. If you have the right knowledge and experience, you can land a great job in many areas of IT, including security, web development, app development, analytics, and programming.

While your formal education is an important part of your IT resume, success in this field relies heavily on your hands-on experience as well. IT practices change so rapidly that your job history and ongoing certifications in your area of expertise are nearly as important as the years you spent in school. As the IT resume template below will show, the best way to score a good job in this area is to demonstrate both a university education in computer sciences or a related field, and steady work experience with a variety of systems.

Make the effort to keep up with the latest developments in information technology and acquire new certifications regularly to demonstrate that you're a top candidate for your chosen job.


Common Mistakes for IT Resumes


If you're mathematically and technologically minded, English and writing may not be your strongest suit. Take the time to carefully proofread your IT resume to make sure it's error-free. As you well know, a mistake of even a single letter can prove disastrous when you're working with computer code. Your hiring manager won't miss the implications if you make these types of mistakes on your resume. Demonstrate how detail-oriented and meticulous you are on the job by approaching your resume the same way.

While your history in IT is important, it's a mistake to focus on outdated qualifications and knowledge in the skills section of your resume. As this IT resume sample shows, this is where you should focus on your most current and relevant certifications and knowledge. Tailor your skills to the job that you want and mention specifically your knowledge of a programming language or application that's clearly noted in the job listing.

Hiring managers shouldn't have to call you in for an interview to learn that you're familiar with the programs or networks they use. If your resume is too vague, you may never have the chance to elaborate in person. Include essential details now so you can come in for that firm handshake later.


IT Resume Sample


Timothy Ives
6774 Cobble Drive
Barrie, ON
123-456-789 |

Work Experience
2012 - Present
Barrie, ON
IT Security Manager | Ontario Technology
  • Set up processes and procedures to monitor computers and networks for potential threats
  • Analyze reports to determine future risk levels
  • Identify and eradicate malicious system infiltration
2008 - 2012
Richmond Hill, ON
IT Security Analyst | Worldwide Recruiting
  • Provided regular training on current IT threats
  • Managed IT key controls and processes, keeping them aligned for PCI compliance
  • Coordinated and executed both internal and external IT audits
2004 - 2008
Toronto, ON
IT Analyst | Consulting Firm Inc.
  • Provided third-party IT business solutions to remote clients
  • Offered analysis of existing third-party IT desktops and networks
  • Operated CRM software and non-profit fundraiser and event management software
2000 - 2004
Toronto, ON
Ryerson University
B.S. Computer Science
Additional Skills & Interest
  • Knowledge of SDLC and web development standards
  • Extensive understanding of PKI, encryption, authentication, and OSI model
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • CISSP and CRISC certified
  • Experience managing enterprise-wide LANs and WANs

IT Positions to Consider

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