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Searching For A Job While Pregnant

The Health Of You And Your Baby Come First

Searching For A Job While Pregnant


By Mark Swartz
Monster Contributing Writer

Expecting a little bundle of joy? Congratulations! Your life is about to change remarkably. Yet this needn’t stop you from job searching.
Perhaps you’d like the extra income. Or you want to start a new job you can carry on with once your maternity leave finishes. Being pregnant may slow you down somewhat, but it doesn’t bring things to a halt.
There are plenty of jobs suited to expecting mothers. And it’s illegal for an employer not to hire you because you’re pregnant. So go ahead and submit those resumes as your belly blossoms.
Work Environments That Appeal To Expectant Moms
When you’re pregnant, you can apply for any job that suits you. There’s no rule that says you can’t be a high powered executive or busy paramedic. Your health and mobility will dictate what you can handle.
That said, there are certain work environments that lend themselves well to expectant mothers. They tend to have several characteristics in common:
·         Fewer physical demands (not requiring standing all day or heavy lifting) especially in later trimesters
·         Health and safety are part of the employer’s DNA
·         Less emotional stress that could lead to fatigue
·         Time is given for breaks when needed
·         Flexible work hours that allow for visits to the doctor, prepping for baby’s arrival
·         The ability to work from home when required
Great Jobs For Mothers To Be
If you’re looking for work to tide you over while pregnant, consider temporary or fixed-term employment. Temporary employment agencies are best for clerical, office staff and computer roles. You can be upfront about your pregnancy because you’re not making a long-term commitment to an employer.
Fixed-term jobs (contract assignments) are also expectant-friendly. They can last a month, several months, six months, or longer. So long as your due date doesn’t occur before your contract is completed, everyone is happy.
Part-time jobs are another option. Retail work and foodservice/hospitality offer lots of opportunities for this.
Job Hunting In Your First Trimester
For most women the first three months of pregnancy are the easiest in which to job hunt. Your body many not be showing much (if at all) yet. You’re carrying less new weight around. And you have more time ahead of you to work before your due date.
All of these can work in your favour as a job seeker. So if you have the choice of job searching before your later trimesters, think about doing so.
Pregnancy and Job Interviews: Reveal Or Conceal?
At some point it will be undeniable you’re expecting. No amount of loose clothing will hide that swelling bundle of wonder.
Till then, an employer may not know you’re pregnant. And they’re legally barred from asking. You have the option to conceal instead of reveal. You wouldn’t be breaking a law if you said nothing. But they’ll find out soon enough if they hire you. Is concealing your status worth the aftermath it might cause if you hide it?
Objections You May Encounter
There may be some prejudices you’ll bump up against as a pregnant job seeker. Employers could be concerned about your general health. Or worry that in your last trimester you’ll be sluggish and more forgetful.
It’s up to you to either seek work that accommodates these possibilities, or be able to sell yourself to the employer. If they don’t buy it, you probably would have been unhappy there anyway.
Baby And You Makes Two
For first time mothers, erring on the side of caution is sound strategy. You may think that being pregnant won’t affect your work much. And maybe it won’t.
However it’s best to make allowances. You may not be able to push yourself as hard as the months wears on. There may be a need for extra time off. Medical appointments and days of rest can add up. Most important is that you take care of yourself and your unborn child. Find an employer who respects that and everyone will celebrate the new arrival.

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