Jobs That Keep You Moving

Career ideas for active people

Jobs That Keep You Moving

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By Lisa Epstein
Monster Contributing Writer

Does the idea of working at a desk job  for eight hours a day make you cringe? For many Canadians sitting or standing in one place all day is unbearable. They feel bored, tired and inefficient. Do you prefer to earn a living by moving about?

You don't have to suffer through a job when there are so many better suited positions for you available on  If your ideal job involves you earning  a steady income without sitting still have a look at these job titles. 

Here are some career options for people constantly on the go. Don't be bored. Get active on Monster.

Fitness Trainer/ Instructor
Turn up the Latin beat and Zumba your way to a paycheck. Get down on the floor and teach Pilates to earn a living. Be a personal trainer in a gym or visit clients' homes.  Whichever one you choose you'll be working with people helping to reach their fitness goals and there likely won't be a desk/computer chair in sight.
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Landscape Specialist
Spend your days outdoors tending to and enhancing the beautiful landscape around you. Grow and maintain vegetation on land and in ponds and fountains. The job is physical in nature; weeding, seeding, watering, mowing use all of your muscle groups.  Be a catalyst for growth and renewal.
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Nurses are always on their feet moving from one patient to the next.  The occasional chance to sit down at a desk to fill in charts is a welcome break in the day.  Nursing will keep your mind challenged and your feet moving.
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Installation and Service Technician
These technicians cover installation and service for a variety of industries. Most jobs require meeting clients in their place of business to install and solve problems. In addition to commuting between clients, you'll also work with your hands for set ups and maintenance. 
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Host/ Hostess
Warmly greeting customers, guiding them to their tables and tending to customer service requests means you will always be on the move. Your behaviour and attitude as a host/hostess is the first point of contact for the establishment in this customer service oriented job and sets a standard of quality for the entire dining experience. .
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Flight Attendant
A career in the air is all about ensuring the safety of passengers onboard. Navigating through the aircraft with supplies, promoting safety while offering a positive customer service experience is sure to keep your boredom at bay. Exploring exciting locales when you're waiting for your next flight.
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