The 5 Minute Body Routine That Will Get Your Groove Going


The 5 Minute Body Routine That Will Get Your Groove Going


By Thomas Watt
Monster Contributing Writer

Okay, so time is definitely not on most people’s side these days.  Neither is motivation:  I mean plunging thermometers, endless nights, and a feeling you are bear gestating into hibernation rather than a go get em super worker, can slow the best of us, right?
And don’t get me started on New Year’s resolutions. Pfft. What’s that?
Yet, the bills are still coming; your career goals are still calling you, and deep down you know you can do better.
So what can be done?

Amazingly the remedy for all this ho hum glumness might be found in an unlikely place: a little known, hyper effective, majorly time efficient mind body practice, that health experts have been praising more and more these days as a veritable fountain of youth.  And for good reason:  The exercise called the five Tibetan Rites, is easy to learn, has  amazing health benefits,  is holistic in approach, and takes no time at all.  
The five Tibetan rites
They have been described as yoga on speed, or mind body magic in under a minute.   Touted as an anti-ageing remedy, devised by Tibetan Monks thousands of years ago, to help with their sitting for hours in meditation, and brought to the west by a British Army Colonel, the five Tibetans are five yoga like positions, done 21 times each, which take all but five minutes of your day.   Done in the morning, they might even replace your coffee, as they give you energy and strength all in one power and timely packed session.
Want to know how you do them?  Here you go:
First find a quiet, well lit spot in the house or if you have a special room at your office, much better! And then do the following exercises:
The First Rite
The first rite is simple enough.  Stand tall and strait, and outstretch your arms.  Remember spinning around the kitchen as a kid? This is what you’re going to do.  Now spin around left to right. Build up slowly to 21 moves.  Amateur advice:  don’t break your favorite coffee table falling over on the first try, start with one or two turns to get your bearings. If you get dizzy, just stop, only do what is most comfortable. This exercise is excellent for balance, blood flow and lymphatic drainage. 
The Second Rite
The second rite is done lying down on a yoga mat or rug.  Place your hands by your hips and legs, palms down. Now, lift your legs straight up. Do not bend your knees (as much as possible). Hold this position for a few moments, and then lower your legs back to the starting position.  Repeat.  This is an excellent exercise for flexibility and core strength, an essential building block for overall health and stability.  Note: You may lift and lower your head along with the legs as well.
The Third Rite
On the same yoga mat or rug now turn on your knees and sit up on them with your toes touching the floor. Place your hands on the side of your legs. Now lean forward as far as possible, bending at the waist. Your head should be as forward as possible. Once you’ve bent forward enough, lean back arching your back, to what is comfortable. Now return to the erect sitting position on your knees. This is a bit like the cat stretching movements found in yoga.  This is very good for energizing yourself in the morning.
The Fourth Rite.
This is a great one. Sit up straight on your mat with your legs outstretched.  Now put your hands on the mat beside you with the fingers together. Your head should be forward and your chin in.  You’re going to raise your body up, starting by lifting your bum off the mat into the air, supported by your arms, while at the same time bending your knees so that your knee joint makes a 90 degree angle with your thighs and calves. As you are raising the body up, remember to tilt your head back and bring it to the resting position when you bring your body back to first position. Relax between movements. After a few sessions this rite along with the others will be easy and you will find a flow and rhythm when doing it.  Note: When you are in the horizontal position during the exercise tense every muscle in the body.
The Fifth Rite
For anyone familiar with yoga, this is like a continual back and forth downward dog.  Very good for building arm and shoulder strength. Put your hands on the floor about 2 feet apart. Now go up on your two feet in the back and stretch your legs strait. You should create an A with your body. Your head should be down, face towards the ground. Hold that position and then bring your pelvis to the ground, lifting your head up and arching your back and neck.  Repeat 21 times.
Testimonials: Me and Dr Oz
Because I wouldn’t prescribe anything I wouldn’t imbibe myself:  of course I’ve practiced the five Tibetans, and they have made a wonderful improvement to my overall health, fitness and energy.  And it’s amazing to see the progression from when you begin, to when you are comfortably doing the five poses, 21 times.  If you need a visual aid in following the instructions above, there is a lot of material on the web about the Five Tibetans. A quick google search will find you instantly some very good videos.  My favorite is the king of the good bedside manner, Dr Oz, who has recently featured the rites twice on his show, and who is a practitioner of the Tibetans, himself.  
Advice for beginners
Depending on your level of fitness it’s important not to rush into these exercises.  Using some eastern wisdom, it’s the journey that counts not the destination.  You may do only what does not hurt, and can start at any number for each that you want.  For instance a beginner can start with doing each exercise 5 times or less and work his or her way up from there.   As for your breath, make sure that you breathe in and out consciously and deliberately with every movement. Finally, be sure to purchase a yoga mat(not very expensive and found at any local exercise store)  because you need a soft surface to do the rites and wear flexible, loose clothing. Writer confession: Pijamas work just fine.
Benefits Galore
Practitioners who have incorporated the five Tibetans into their daily routine have said they feel an increased rush of energy, strength and focus. Other benefits have been reported as including, better posture, increased libido, better breathing, a stronger immune system, better sleeping, a feeling of being more relaxed, over all improved health, improved digestion, and obviously  a stronger core, stronger  arms, legs, and  a powerful and healthy lower back.   This last one is interesting, as four out five of us will suffer some sort of back pain in our lives, most of it exacerbated by sitting too long, because of our jobs.  Isn’t it just perfect then that the five Tibetans were initially devised by monks to help them with their sitting for meditation?
So whether it is enlightenment you seek, a restart to your New Year’s wellness resolutions, or an increased motivation in searching for work,  try the Tibetans, they are a time effective, easy way to propel you forward out of the winter blues and into a stellar 2014.