New Job Announcement Networking Tip

New Job Announcement Networking Tip

Landed a new job!

By Mark Swartz
Monster Senior Contributing Writer

It can feel great to let people know that you’ve landed a new job. Think of all the folks you’ve met along the way who might be interested in hearing your good news.

Don’t hold them in suspense by forgetting to keep them in the loop. Informing others of your recent success sets the stage for constructive contact with them down the road.
First Inform The Other Employers That You Interviewed With

A funny thing about the job hunt: employers don’t always take the time to respond to your applications, or get back in touch after you’ve gone to the trouble of interviewing with them. It can end up making you feel downright resentful at times.

That shouldn’t prevent you from behaving with more courtesy than they may have. It can work in your favour to let employers you’ve been in contact with know that you’ve just been hired. They’ll scratch you off their list of available candidates, which saves them from wasting their time or yours. Plus they’ll realize that you’re a valuable applicant after all. They may even note this in your file for future reference.

Then Tell Anyone Who Helped You Along The Way

Do you recall the times someone gave you a lead, proofread your resume for you, or kept your spirits up when you were at a low point in your search? The people who lent you a hand along the way will be happy to hear from you that your job hunt has ended well, and that their efforts made some sort of difference.

Thank them once again for being there when you needed them most. Offer to pitch in if they happen need a favour from you sometime.

Your references, in particular, should be notified quickly of your new status. For one thing they’ll likely be relieved that their services are no longer needed for now. Reference providers also like to know that you’ve accepted a job that's a good fit. This way they can be confident that the time they spent on your behalf was truly useful, and that the odds of you keeping your new position are better.

Now Announce The New Job To The World

Why not share your victory with everyone? Go online and update your Facebook page, Linked-In profile, personal Blog, or any other virtual presence that you’ve created for yourself. You may receive congratulations from friends or classmates, former colleagues and supervisors. They too will see that you are someone they could consider assisting next time you embark on a job search.

Give Specific Details About the Job

The group you’re contacting will want to hear the particulars of your latest position.

  • What’s the job title? 
  • In which organization?
  • Where is the job located?
  • When do you start?

These little facts let the reader know that you haven’t just accepted any old post. They are hoping that you have ended up with something you’ll be able to dig your teeth into and excel at.

Pat Yourself On The Back Too

Now that everyone has learned about your glad tidings, take a moment to congratulate yourself. Treat yourself to a little reward. Maybe a special meal out with the family. A new item of clothing. Extra time with your friends or a mini-vacation?

It’ll be like reminding yourself that your job search really has reached a positive finish. Now you can focus on readying yourself for the next stage, starting your new job. But first, take a moment to digest your achievement: you’ve made things happen, so congratulation!